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A Brief Overview of Backdrop Component Parts

Pipe and drape backdrops are easy to use but make a substantial impact on events. However, if you want to make the biggest impact, you have to know how each component works. The good news is that you don’t have to be an engineer to understand these components and how to use them to your advantage. Read on for a brief overview of backdrop component parts to help you learn how to make the most out of this versatile piece of decor.

The Fabric

One of the most important components of a backdrop is the drape panel fabric, which comes in many materials and colors. The fabric is the aesthetic draw of a backdrop, so choosing this is where you truly let your creativity shine.

Some events call for a vibrant backdrop, while others benefit from a subtler color that blends with the venue. The choice is ultimately yours. At Pipe & Drape, we carry fabrics in varying levels of fire retardant, so you can shop with safety and style in mind. Fabric is critical in a backdrop design, but our brief overview of backdrop component parts requires looking at the setup’s support system, too.

Structural Support

In order for your fabric to look stunning and eye-catching, you need a stable backdrop to hold it. The backdrop is mainly comprised of—from bottom to top—a base, uprights, and support rods. The base provides a stable bottom for the whole structure, while the uprights are essentially pipes that raise up so you can place the support rods on top of them.

That way, when you place the fabric over the support rods, it flows down in a brilliant display instead of looking bunched up by being too close to the ground. These are the essentials, but some additional accessories can make the whole arrangement even more elegant.

Additional Accessories

When you browse the pipe and drape hardware in our online inventory, you’ll find the aforementioned support rods, uprights, drape panels, and bases. However, we also carry valance hangers, tieback bands, S sign hooks, and more. Exploring these accessories will help you find easy ways to bring more visual appeal to your backdrop. For instance, tieback bands control the way the fabric flows.

Sometimes, tightening the fabric allows you to boost aesthetics while being conscious of how much space you’re using, and that’s where tieback bands come in handy. Valance hangers allow the user to bring more layers to the backdrop for added visual depth and texture. Using S hooks is a convenient way to hang signs at events. Use the information above to carefully fine-tune your event to be both functional and beautiful, whether it’s a holiday party, business event, or beyond.

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