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5 Different Events Pipe and Drape Make a Great Addition to

Posted by LO on 9/20/2018 to Pipe and Drape
5 Events That Pipe And Drape Make a Great Addition To Pipe and drape is used to set up some kind of backdrop, display, or boundary for many different events. You simply choose the height and set up you need, then hang the drapes of your choosing from the pipes. Then, voila! Here are some of the most common ways pipe and drape are used.

5 Major Events You're Going to Want a Church Backdrop For

Posted by LO on 9/17/2018 to Decorating Ideas and Tips
From weddings to holiday services, here is a list of 5 events that you will want a church backdrop for When you're planning a major event for your church, a lot goes into the details. You have to decorate, have volunteers, and sometimes provide food. Another great thing to have at major events is a church backdrop, and here are some events where they play in nicely.

4 Wedding Extras You Can Add to Your Reception to Make it More Fun

Posted by LO on 9/13/2018 to Decorating Ideas and Tips
4 Wedding Extras to Make Your Wedding Reception More Fun You want your wedding reception to be a blast, and it will be. You've ordered amazing food, your DJ is really fun, and the decorations are adorable. There's a little bit more to wedding receptions than that, though. Here are a few extras you can add to your reception to make it even more fun.

Just a Few of The Many Things You Can Do With Pipe and Drape

Posted by LO on 9/10/2018 to Pipe and Drape
Pipe and Drape has many uses

Pipe and drape consist of steel bases, aluminum pipes, and fabric drapes. They are portable systems that can go from room-to-room, and event-to-event. Pipe and drape are also modular, so you can very easily swap out or add parts to create a different display. Pipe and drape are extremely versatile, and here are just some of the many things you can do with it.

How Do I Decorate the Church For My Wedding? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Posted by LO on 9/7/2018 to Decorating Ideas and Tips
Church Wedding Altar Decor You've got it covered when it comes to decorating your reception venue, but when it comes to the church for the ceremony, you aren't so sure. Try some of these tips so the church gets a little touch of your personality for when you say "I do."