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From pipe and drape trade show booth tips, to setting up an amazing trade show experience for your potential clients, we cover the many ways that a trade show can help increase your brand presence and wow your guests!

How Backdrop Drapes Help You Stand Out at Trade Shows

Posted by LO on 12/13/2019 to Trade Shows
How Backdrop Drapes Help You Stand Out at Trade Shows
According to 39% of event planners, the biggest challenges they encounter when managing trade show costs are budgeting and resource management. Setting up the perfect booth can be tricky, especially if you have a limited budget and resources. Fortunately, backdrop drapes are an incredible way to spruce up your booth while staying friendly with your budget. If you’re trying to set up the perfect trade show booth, here is why you should consider investing the perfect drapes to compliment your company.

4 Ways to Use Pipe and Drape for Trade Shows

Posted by LO on 9/26/2019 to Trade Shows
4 Ways to Use Pipe and Drape for Trade Shows
Trade shows are unique. The twin goals of marketing is to generate sales leads and then to convert potential customers into paying customers. That said, the opportunity to meet people who are in your industry and looking for products like yours cannot be overstated. In fact, nearly 100% of marketing professionals believe that trade show exhibits provide unique value that cannot be gained from other marketing mediums. Once the decision has been made to attend trade shows, the process of designing a booth begins. Whether your booth is large or small, pipe and drape can perform many functions. This article will cover four ideas for using pipe and drape in your next trade show.

How to Host an Excellent Trade Show

Posted by LO on 6/5/2019 to Trade Shows

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The Importance of Trade Shows

Trade shows can be incredibly fun events to attend. There are many reasons you should consider attending (and perhaps having a booth in) trade shows; in fact, 99% of marketers said that there was a unique value in trade show exhibits that was not found in any other marketing medium.

Pipe and Drape Trade Show Booths

Posted by JC on 9/5/2017 to Trade Shows
What is the standard pipe and drape trade show booth size? What is an "In Line" or "Back To Back" trade show booth? How should I set up the expo space? You have questions, we have answers!

Effective Trade Show Specials

Posted by JC on 2/23/2017 to Trade Shows
Easy ways to attract more customers to your booth, and keep them engaged even after the trade show is over.

Make a Great First Impression with Pipe and Drape Booths

Posted by JC on 2/7/2017 to Trade Shows
Just some of the benefits of having a professional looking trade show booth. With the right use of a pipe and drape booth, you'll stand out from the crowd and become a business that your potential clients will remember!

Tips for Having the Best Trade Show Booth

Posted by JC on 1/17/2017 to Trade Shows
In a crowded room, make sure you follow the best practices for making your trade show booth seen by potential customers!