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The following outlines our Return Policy, but please note that our Return Policy is different than claims for damaged, missing, or incorrectly shipped items (our policy for those instances is at the end of this page).

Any return of eligible item(s) must be received back at our warehouse within 30 calendar days of delivery and be pre-approved by having a Return Authorization Number (RA#). Please note that some items are not eligible for a return; any such item will be designated as such on the product page via a required checkbox.

All eligible returned items must be in the same new, unused, and unlaundered condition as they were originally shipped, and returned in and with all original packaging. Returned products are subject to inspection before a refund is processed, and any obvious signs of use may negate the eligibility for a refund on such item(s).

There are no returns accepted on any product that has been customized to a non-standard item (including custom sized items), cut yardage of fabric, Emergency Relief items, Storage Carts, Stage Skirting (Stage Skirts), and/or items purchased from our Clearance section.

Note: Under no circumstance is the original outbound shipping cost refundable, including Ground service, Expedited (Air) service, or Freight service.

Return Fees:

All Drapes that are eligible for a return (i.e., does not have a required checkbox on the product page designating it as "No Returns") will have a 50% return fee assessed on such items. Note that this fee is assessed to returns, or to any order modifications that are requested after production has already started. Modifications include a customer’s request to change the fabric, size, color, decrease quantity, or cancel an order after we have started production.

a) Orders where customer paid for a shipping method (via Ground, Expedited / Air, Freight, etc.):
If the customer paid for shipping on their order, there is no return fee on any eligible metal / hardware returned item(s). The original outbound shipping cost that was paid is not refundable, and return shipping is the customer’s responsibility.

b) Orders where customer selected and received Free / Economy Shipping:
For customers that selected Free / Economy Shipping, there is a 15% return fee on all returned metal / hardware merchandise received back at our warehouse. This is to compensate for a portion of the outbound cost of the shipping that was paid by us. Return shipping is the customer’s responsibility.

c) Orders where the customer selected "Pick Up At Our Roswell, GA Warehouse":
For customers that select "Pick Up At Our Roswell, GA Warehouse", there is a 20% return fee on all returned metal / hardware merchandise received back at our warehouse. This is to compensate for the extra labor and steps involved on our end in completing pick-up orders.

Unless prior arrangements have been made, the customer is responsible for arranging the return of all products and any associated costs of returning the items.

Tips for packaging your return:

Remember that all returns must be sent back to us in the original box(es) and with all original packaging -- this includes any foam cradles that were used for the pipes.

Because all returned items must arrive back at our warehouse in the same new, unused, and unlaundered condition as they were originally shipped, we want to include some tips for properly packaging your items.

Pipes - use the foam cradles, if provided in the initial shipment, and ensure that each end of each pipe is placed into one of the cradle's grooves (make sure to use the same cradle groove on each end). Once the box is closed, there should not be any noticeable movement of the pipes inside of the box. You can usually tell by closing the box and gently shaking it back-and-forth and side-to-side...you shouldn't feel or hear anything moving inside of the box. If there is movement, you should add light weight filling material as necessary until all of the pipes inside are secure.

Though we use an industrial staple gun to seal our pipe boxes, we realize that you may not have access to such tools. If not, be sure to use an adequate amount of packing tape on each end of the box, as well as the long side of the box. You should use enough tape to where you're confident that both of the end flaps, and long side, will not come undone in transit -- and especially knowing that shipping companies don't always handle a box gently.

Bases - sometimes we pack your Bases and your Base Pins inside of the same box. If so, you'll want to use a good amount of tape to reseal the bundle of Bases with the same number of Pins inside (for example, 3 Bases and 3 Base Pins).

The outer edges of the box should be taped up well, preferably with multiple layers of tape. Any portion of the box that has a Pin inside should also be reinforced with extra tape so that if a small hole in the cardboard were to open up, the Pins would be less likely to fall out and become lost -- the extra tape acts as a barrier and preventative measure for such a hole to occur.

An alternative, if you have a lot of Bases and Base Pins, would be to bundle Bases by themselves (using as many "base boxes" as needed), and use a separate DOUBLE WALL cardboard box for the Base Pins. If you pack your Pins in a separate box (by themselves), you'll want to ensure that you have adequate filling material to keep the Pins from moving around inside of the box. If the Pins move, there is an increased chance of them bursting through the cardboard box and becoming lost in transit. Use filler and a lot of strong tape. Shake the box to ensure that you cannot feel or hear any movement inside.

Drapes - neatly fold the drapes and place them inside of the box. Please do not ball them up and throw them inside of the box -- if they are returned to us with stubborn wrinkles throughout the drape, it may negate the refund amount being issued (including up to no refund). We ask that you take a few minutes and fold them as neatly as you can before packing them.

Other Items - above are some tips for the most commonly ordered items, but we also offer a wide variety of accessories and other types of products. These types of items should follow the same concept of being securely packed inside of the box, and having the box adequately taped for the return shipment.

Shipping Insurance and Tracking:

We suggest using a carrier and shipping method that includes tracking, as we cannot be held responsible for a lost return package (or packages). Shipping Insurance is recommended, particularly for high-value items. Some carriers include insurance up to a certain amount, but if the contents of the package exceed that value, it's worth considering adding additional insurance. If an item is damaged in transit back to us, it is no longer considered as being in the same condition as originally sent. Should that occur, having insurance would come in handy!


Please open and inspect all contents immediately upon delivery. We must be notified within 10 calendar days of delivery for any claim of damaged, missing, or incorrect items that were shipped. In order to file a damage claim with the shipping carrier, please retain all packaging and materials for any potential inspection by the carrier.

We will correct any such instance at our expense, with any replacement items being shipped only using the same method (or equivalent in transit time) that was chosen by the customer in their original order.