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How Pipe and Drape Displays Can Improve Event Spaces

A pipe and drape display is deceptive because it looks straightforward. However, although it’s straightforward to use, this combination of sturdy framework and incredible fabric is a far more helpful pairing than you might immediately think.

To exemplify how diverse and beneficial this décor is, the guide below details how pipe and drape displays can improve event spaces. From better organization to engaging activities, keep reading to learn how you can make the most out of this décor at your next gathering.

Set Up the Perfect Photo Op

Proms, weddings, and company parties are gatherings where people flock to celebrate and commemorate a special occasion. One of the best ways to encourage a fun atmosphere in any event is by creating a photo booth. Luckily, a simple pipe and drape backdrop offers a convenient, creative way to build a photo booth that attracts visitors.

From the warm texture to the stunning colors, quality drape fabrics make photo booths feel as inviting as they should be. In addition, a fabulous backdrop brings more focus to pictures guests take at the booth. Instead of a giant crowd in the background, the only folks in the picture are the guests taking the photos themselves.

Create Business Event Themes

When businesses bring their brand to trade shows, they must make a substantial impact in various ways. However, before they can impress with their product or service, a company must attract visitors with their booth design. Thankfully, pipe and drape displays have the coverage and color variety to build the best trade show booth.

With the right fabric, you can create a booth that prominently features the colors of your company’s logo. But, of course, trade shows are only one business event in which drapes make improvements.

Furthermore, company parties or other events where a stage is present can bring together a captivating design through stage curtains. Much like they transform your booth, vibrant drapes ensure your stage stands out using any color that’s most significant to the event.

Plus, you can find additional accessories to bump up the aesthetic value further. For instance, our pipe and drape hardware selection contains upright pole covers for when you want a more comprehensive color palette. You can cover the sleek pole with a fabric shade of your choosing.

Organize the Event Space With Style

Better organization is one of the most surprising, elegant ways pipe and drape displays can improve event spaces. Beyond being beautiful backdrops, the titular materials make the perfect divider for gatherings.

For example, you can use 3-foot-tall displays to form designated areas for lines. After all, the larger your gathering, the more critical crowd control will be. Likewise, scenarios such as setting up trade show booths using fabric maintain organization; guests can immediately identify your space and, ideally, your company before you even have a conversation.

Not only are drape kits functional dividers for sectioning off event areas, but they also bring aesthetic value to the venue. Suffice it to say, the ability to combine functionality and style is invaluable to event décor.

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