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Dressing up an Academic Setting: How to Add Visual Interest

Posted by LO on 10/24/2019 to Pipe and Drape
Say goodbye to boring school assemblies, dances, and pep rallies. If you are an event planner, school official, or PTA parent, here is one way you can dress up any academic event and transform the area into a visually striking space. Continue reading to learn more about how you can make every school event for the students a memorable one.

How to Be Sure You Are Choosing the Right Drapes for Your Wedding

Posted by LO on 10/16/2019 to Decorating Ideas and Tips
Everyone knows that planning a wedding is stressful and complicated. You have to take your guests into consideration at every step along the way. There are venue concerns, decorations, entertainment, and of course, those unexpected problems that always seem to pop up at the worst times. Choosing the right white drapes for a wedding should not be one more factor that contributes to your headaches and worries. With the right designers and suppliers by your side, choosing drapery for your wedding is a fun, creative process that only leads to more excitement, not more anxiety. If you are looking for white drapes for a wedding, but you are struggling on how to get started or who to trust, then follow our simple guide below. Let's begin.

Unique Ways To Use Event Draping For Your Baby Shower

Posted by LO on 10/4/2019 to Decorating Ideas and Tips
Ceiling drapes aren't just for weddings. They can put the finishing touches on indoor events such as birthday parties and baby showers. When hosting a baby shower, here are a few unique and charming ways you can use ceiling drapes to make your baby shower a truly special memory.

3 Common Categories of Ideal Fabrics for Your Pipe and Drape Kit Drapery

Posted by LO on 10/4/2019 to Pipe and Drape
Selecting the perfect fabric for your event drapery is a multifactorial decision. You have to consider the visual appeal you desire to have, the layout of your installation space, and your budget. The best way to reach a sound decision when choosing drapery is by first understanding these three factors as well as educating yourself on the kind of fabrics in the market, which may suit your requirements.