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Privacy Booths / Changing Rooms

Privacy Booth Kit/ Dressing Room Kit

Pipe and Drape Systems for Changing, Privacy, and Dressing Rooms

Pipe and drape dressing room kits are great for providing temporary changing rooms and portable privacy areas. Our fitting and dressing room curtains are the perfect solutions for anyone who’s looking for something that’s quick to set up and pack up. Ideal for tradeshows, clothing vendors with booths, expos, and more, we’ve got you covered with pipe and drape dressing room kits that are sure to impress. 

  • Commando drapes are an affordable opaque fabric for light blocking applications and privacy situations.
  • Create temporary dressing rooms using our pipe and drape for a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for permanent construction.
  • Note: product photos show the "front" open (without a support rod or drapes) to show a representation of the inside of the changing room. The pipe and drape changing room kits include another support rod and drapes (not pictured) to fully enclose the room.
  • Includes 97% to 99% opaque Commando (Blackout/Privacy) drapes.
  • 8-Foot-Tall Break Apart Uprights are included for easier transportation.
  • List price includes 4-foot to 7-foot adjustable width sides. For more width, there is an optional upgrade to our Break Apart 8-foot to 10-foot-wide crossbars (support rods).
  • Fully customized curtains for dressing rooms are available upon request (different heights, widths, drape fabrics, etc.).

Any questions? Contact us for assistance and information. If not, browse our portable dressing room kits below! 

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