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4 Things To Consider When Setting Up a Photo Booth

Setting up a photo booth for events is easy when you take the time to find the best strategy. The booth is simple to use, but the creativity requires a bit more planning. Read these four things to consider when setting up a photo booth to make the most out of the venue and decorations.

Booth Size

Make sure that your photo booth provides enough space for the guests. Photo booths are enclosed, but that doesn’t mean they can’t allow big groups to snap pictures during the party.

When browsing the photo booths at Pipe & Drape Online, the booth’s eight-foot height ensures the whole picture in-frame looks stylish. The width of our photo booths ranges from four to seven feet and beyond. Make sure you have enough fabric to create a clean, creative backdrop for every picture.

Lighting Arrangement

Lighting is critical for any picture. Put your photo booth in an area that isn’t too far from a light source. If the booth is in a dark corner, the pictures won’t come out very vibrant. You don’t want the pictures to be too blown out with light, either.

If you’re unsure of your lighting arrangement, take some pictures beforehand to test the results. Consider access to natural light. Will sunshine provide a nice glow for your booth pictures, or will it create an unwanted glare in-frame? Every venue is different, so explore the boundaries of what you can do in yours before the big day.

Prop Placement

Any good photo booth needs props to keep photos lighthearted and unique. You can add a wide range of props to the bucket, from big hats to goofy glasses. The important detail we want to focus on right now is where you put the props. This is an easy step because it comes down to making sure the unused props are out of frame when guests take pictures.

The props should be visible to guests, so don’t hesitate to use signs directing people there if you’d like. Of course, make sure the props aren’t tripping hazards in the booth. These components will help you build a convenient and creative backdrop for visitors to enjoy.

Aesthetic Upgrades

Visual appeal is another thing to consider when setting up a photo booth. You can hang up any random fabric as a backdrop, but something like an old bedsheet from your closet isn’t ideal for events. At Pipe & Drape Online, we develop photo booth curtains specifically for events, whether you’re putting it in a school party or a fashion show.

Our curtains feature incredible textures and many different colors so you can achieve your preferred visual upgrade. Instead of taking photos in front of a dull background, your photo booth should elevate any picture’s backdrop. Use these tips to make your next event shine with a fun, fabulous photo booth that creates long-lasting memories.

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