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Sheer Ceiling Drapery Panels

Sheer Voile Ceiling Drape panels (Ceiling Swags) make your ceilings look STUNNING! Use lighting to create stunning illuminated effects, or use by themselves for a breathtaking accent.

  • Ultra-wide 118" sheer fabric with natural edges.
  • Lights with a soft, reflective finish.
  • 100% Polyester. Machine washable.
  • A 4" rod pocket is sewn on each end.
  • Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) fabric.
  • This is for sheer ceiling drapery panels only. No hardware is included for hanging. For hanging hardware and ceiling drapes, please see our Ceiling Drape Kits.

Start by choosing from 21 foot, 30 foot, or 40 foot long ceiling swags*. Need a different length? Let us know!

*What length ceiling drape will you need? It's most common to have somewhere around 25% - 30% swag (swag is the amount of fabric that droops down toward the floor). Take the space that you're trying to cover and multiply it by 1.25 or 1.3 to get an idea of the drape length that you'll need. Example: to cover a 24 foot long portion of the ceiling, you'd calculate 24 feet (ceiling space) x 1.25 (25%) = 30 feet. So choosing the 30 foot long ceiling drapes would give you 25% swag!

Wave Style Ceiling Drape Calculator

Depth of Swag (enter in feet) (standard is 3ft-5ft)

Number of Swags

Total Length of the Room

Length of Panel