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If you're unfamiliar with pipe and drape, these articles cover the essential basics of pipe and drape systems and backdrops to help you choose the right products for your next event.

How Much Weight Can Your Support Bar Handle?

Posted by Pipe and Drape on 11/18/2022 to Basics of Pipe and Drape
How Much Weight Can Your Support Bar Handle?
Setting up pipe-and-drape hardware is easy for an event, but that doesn’t mean you should run through the setup without a good understanding of that hardware’s limits. For instance, how much weight can your support bar handle? Thankfully, if you

Choosing the Best Fabric for Stage Curtains

Posted by Pipe and Drape on 8/31/2021 to Basics of Pipe and Drape
Choosing the Best Fabric for Stage Curtains
Designing an alluring stage requires a perfect set of curtains. So, how exactly do you hunt down ideal curtains? Thankfully, this isn’t an easier-said-than-done situation. Finding suitable fabric for aesthetically bringing stages together can be

How Much Draping Do I Need? A Guide To Fabric Fullness

Posted by JC on 3/2/2018 to Pipe and Drape
How much draping should you use? This how-to guide explains how to calculate the amount of drapes you need for your pipe and drape backdrop to look its best!

Drape Support Rods - How to Use and Choosing the Best Size

Posted by JC on 12/27/2017 to Pipe and Drape
Drape Support Rods, also known as Crossbars, are a vital component of the overall pipe and drape structure. In this article, we discuss the Support Rod pipe, how it works, and provide tips for selecting the best size for your set-up.

Upright Pipes - Setting the Height for your Display

Posted by JC on 12/26/2017 to Pipe and Drape
Uprights, which are the vertical pipes that set the height of your pipe and drape display, are an important part of your set-up. In this article, we review the types of Upright pipes, how they work, and important considerations for making the right selection.

A Guide to Bases - The Foundation of Your Pipe and Drape Display

Posted by JC on 12/21/2017 to Pipe and Drape
Want to learn more about pipe and drape Bases? This guide covers what base plates are used for, how they work, and which size you should choose for your set-up.

What is Pipe and Drape? A Guide to the Basics

Posted by JC on 12/18/2017 to Pipe and Drape
What is pipe and drape? If you've ever asked that question, here is where you can learn the fundamentals of these easy, portable systems, and how they can take your event to the next level.

Using Drapery Layers on Pipe and Drape Backdrops

Posted by JC on 11/6/2017 to Pipe and Drape
Using drapery layers is a great way to make your pipe and drape backdrop look even more incredible! This how-to guide shows you how a couple of simple crossbar valance hangers will let you easily create double and triple layer backdrop systems.

What Is The Best Wedding Drapery Fabric?

Posted by JC on 7/27/2017 to Pipe and Drape
A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that calls for extra attention to detail. Using pipe and drape can totally transform the ceremony or reception into a scene straight out of a fairy tale...but what wedding drapery fabric should you use?

Pipe and Drape Backdrop Kits for an Amazing Event

Posted by JC on 4/24/2017 to Pipe and Drape
How to get started with pipe and drape backdrop kits -- the easiest way to completely transform any space into an amazing setting!