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Ways You Can Dress Up Your Small Wedding

Posted by LO on 11/19/2019

Truth be told, not everyone wants a grand and gigantic wedding. And that’s completely okay! Sometimes the bride and groom want to plan a more intimate event in a small venue filled with a handful of close friends and family. But wanting a small wedding doesn’t mean that you still can’t plan a gorgeous and unforgettable event. Here are a few simple ways you can dress up your wedding and make sure it is a night you will remember for years to come.

6 Must-Have Curtain Accessories for Your Pipe and Drape Backdrop Kit

Posted by LO on 11/14/2019 to Decorating Ideas and Tips
pipe and drape backdrop kit

Whether you need to divide spaces, create appealing backgrounds, or set-up private booths, a pipe and drape backdrop allows you to quickly improve the look of any area in any room. For that reason, they’re the perfect choice for photo-taking sessions, filming, custom changing rooms, and so much more. To ensure that your pipe and drape kit is looking top-notch, this article covers six important curtain accessories that you may have overlooked, and that can elevate your pipe and drape backdrop kit to a new level.

4 Things to Consider When Buying a Pipe Drape Set

Posted by LO on 11/14/2019 to Pipe and Drape
pipe drape set

The versatility of drapes has become so pronounced that they are now the centerpiece of almost every room, from the backdrop used in churches to the pipe drape sets used in event spaces all across the country. Drapes are a quick and significant addition to a room, adding a vital aspect to the room’s decor by adding depth, dimension, and color. Backdrops create an overall room ambiance, and drapes are a statement item. They quickly become the room’s eye-catching centerpiece. But pipe drape sets are also used to create temporary spaces that didn't even exist before -- an essential for any event, particularly in challenging venues.

What Are The Benefits Of Pipe And Drape Booths?

Posted by LO on 11/11/2019
What Are The Benefits Of Pipe And Drape Booths?
When you're traveling from place to place for your organization, it can be tricky to find a portable and affordable way to set up a makeshift booth. Fortunately, pipe drape sets can help create a booth for your business or organization when and where you need it.

Do You Have Everything You Need For Your Wedding Decor?

Posted by LO on 11/7/2019 to Decorating Ideas and Tips
Do You Have Everything You Need For Your Wedding Decor?
Planning a wedding can be a real challenge, especially if you're tackling some of the tougher aspects of planning yourself. The average amount spent on a traditional wedding in America is $35,329, so many couples plan parts of their wedding themselves to save money. Wedding decor can be rewarding to plan on your own, but it certainly isn't easy; you could end up forgetting some of the essentials. Be sure to include these items on your list of must-have wedding decorations.