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Everything you want to know about pipe and drape! Learn about the parts of pipe and drape kits, the ease of setting up, and so much more.

The Basic Features of Stage Design

Posted by Pipe & Drape on 10/8/2020 to Pipe and Drape
The Basic Features of Stage Design
Designing a stage for a special event is an important task that can quickly turn into chaos if you don’t prioritize the right factors. But don’t let that stress you out—learning which factors to prioritize is actually pretty easy, even for

How To Put Up a Pipe and Drape Backdrop

Posted by Pipe & Drape on 10/5/2020 to Pipe and Drape
How To Put up a Pipe and Drape Backdrop Putting up a pipe and drape backdrop might seem daunting, but as you'll see from this guide, it's very easy to do, and the gorgeous results are well worth it.

Why Churches Need High Quality Drapes

Posted by Pipe & Drape on 9/30/2020 to Pipe and Drape
Why Churches Need High Quality Drapes
There are countless churches across the country that will cause your jaw to drop upon walking through the front doors, due to their immense beauty. There are many factors that play a role in making a church a beautiful house of worship, one of

Gorgeous Ideas for Ceremony Backdrops

Posted by LO on 9/9/2020 to Pipe and Drape
Gorgeous Ideas for Ceremony Backdrops
When you’re saying “I do” on the big day, you’ll want to do it in front of a brilliant backdrop. Everyone's eyes will be on you during that time, so of course you'll want your backdrop to look amazing. These gorgeous ideas for ceremony backdrops showcase the wide range of creative ways you can bring the event to life.

How to Determine Drapery Fullness

Posted by LO on 7/6/2020 to Pipe and Drape
How to Determine Drapery Fullness
Drapery fullness is essentially the amount of fabric you use to cover an area. You can choose to use flat drapery but, by utilizing fullness, you can achieve a more visually appealing look. So if you want to enhance the aesthetic of your drapes, read on.

Commencement Stage Setup Tips

Posted by LO on 6/10/2020 to Pipe and Drape
Commencement Stage Setup Tips
Graduation ceremonies are a cheerful, emotional experience for students and families alike. While we may not be able to hold these types of events during the current pandemic, schools will of course still be hosting them in years to come.

Choosing the Best Drape Fabric for Room Dividers and Partitions in Hospitals, Disaster Relief, and Government Agencies

Posted by JC on 3/26/2020 to Pipe and Drape
Choosing the Best Drape Fabric for Room Dividers and Partitions in Hospitals, Disaster Relief, and Government Agencies
Pipe and drape has many uses beyond trade show booths or backdrops for weddings, press conferences, and photo sessions. It also serves as an ideal way to temporarily divide, create, and partition any area inside of a building. For hospitals, emergency and disaster relief organizations, and government agencies, choosing the best drapes for room dividers and partitions doesn't have to be a guessing game. In this blog post, we'll help sort out the best options for your needs.

5 Common Pipe And Drape Terms You Ought To Know

Posted by LO on 2/17/2020 to Pipe and Drape
5 Common Pipe And Drape Terms You Ought To Know
Learn the terms you need to know in order to purchase the best backdrop or curtains for your event.

4 Common Backdrop Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

Posted by LO on 2/17/2020 to Pipe and Drape
4 Common Backdrop Mistakes You Don't Want To Make
Whether you're among the 140,000 professional photographers working in the U.S. or the 134,000 event planners operating nationwide, here are some of the most common backdrop mistakes that you want to avoid at your own event or in your own photography.

3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Ceiling Drapes Stand Out

Posted by LO on 1/23/2020 to Pipe and Drape
3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Ceiling Drapes Stand Out
The wedding industry is booming, which means that professionals operating in this sector have their work cut out for them. With an average of 2.4 million weddings performed in the U.S. each year, whether you're an experienced wedding planner or you're trying to DIY your own decor, one thing's for sure: you'll want your wedding to stand out for the right reasons.

How Much Fullness Does Your Wedding Backdrop Need?

Posted by LO on 12/13/2019 to Pipe and Drape
How Much Fullness Does Your Wedding Backdrop Need?
Adjustable pipe and drape kits are popular for church backdrops and reception hall decorating. They have the ability to transform a space and mask bland features that you otherwise wouldn’t want to be displayed. With over 2.4 million weddings performed in America each year, understanding how to use these backdrop drapes can be invaluable to a bride looking for an elegant way to decorate for her big day.

4 Things to Consider When Buying a Pipe Drape Set

Posted by LO on 11/14/2019 to Pipe and Drape
pipe drape set

The versatility of drapes has become so pronounced that they are now the centerpiece of almost every room, from the backdrop used in churches to the pipe drape sets used in event spaces all across the country. Drapes are a quick and significant addition to a room, adding a vital aspect to the room’s decor by adding depth, dimension, and color. Backdrops create an overall room ambiance, and drapes are a statement item. They quickly become the room’s eye-catching centerpiece. But pipe drape sets are also used to create temporary spaces that didn't even exist before -- an essential for any event, particularly in challenging venues.

Dressing up an Academic Setting: How to Add Visual Interest

Posted by LO on 10/24/2019 to Pipe and Drape
Say goodbye to boring school assemblies, dances, and pep rallies. If you are an event planner, school official, or PTA parent, here is one way you can dress up any academic event and transform the area into a visually striking space. Continue reading to learn more about how you can make every school event for the students a memorable one.

3 Common Categories of Ideal Fabrics for Your Pipe and Drape Kit Drapery

Posted by LO on 10/4/2019 to Pipe and Drape
Selecting the perfect fabric for your event drapery is a multifactorial decision. You have to consider the visual appeal you desire to have, the layout of your installation space, and your budget. The best way to reach a sound decision when choosing drapery is by first understanding these three factors as well as educating yourself on the kind of fabrics in the market, which may suit your requirements.

Wondrous Weddings: 3 Magical Ways To Use Your Drapes

Posted by LO on 7/29/2019 to Pipe and Drape
ceiling drapesDid you know that the average wedding costs around $35,329? There are a number of things that go into that bill, from the venue to the dress to the wedding cake. Of course, the decor is one of the most important elements of any wedding -- after all, you can't throw a themed wedding without any thematic elements! Ceiling drapes play a major role in creating the perfect aesthetic, though there are many other options available when it comes to drapery. Whether you decide to use sheer drapes, velour drapes, or satin drapes, let's take a look at a few of the ways they can be arranged to create an elegant and magical effect.

5 Industries That Can Benefit from Pipe and Drape

Posted by LO on 6/22/2019 to Pipe and Drape
poly satin drapes

Pipe and drape is a form of quick and easy event decor that can help to hide unsightly areas or create a stunning backdrop. It involves hanging drapes across a free-standing pipe system and can be put anywhere that has enough space.

Choosing the Right Wedding Drapery Fabric

Posted by LO on 5/31/2019 to Pipe and Drape
choosing the right wedding drapery fabric

Drapes are an essential part of the decor for an indoor wedding. It plays perhaps the largest role of all in defining and enhancing the environment. With so much to think about and plan already, choosing the right wedding drapery fabric can be a chore unto itself. To help you out in preparation for your big day, here are some things to keep in mind when you’re choosing the right wedding drapery fabric.

5 Ways to Bring the Fabulous to Your Next Event

Posted by LO on 4/27/2019 to Pipe and Drape
theater draping

Pipe and drape for any occasion consists of four basic components: a base, uprights, drape supports, and of course, the drape itself. Together, these parts allow you to entirely transform the look of any space like magic!

What Elevates Pipe and Drape Above Other Partitions?

Posted by LO on 4/19/2019 to Pipe and Drape
ceiling draping fabric

As any architect can testify, the importance of empty space, and the use of items to enhance and transform areas within that space, is a key design element. A quick Google search will provide countless articles in support of this stance

'Sheer' Genius: Types of Translucent Drapery Fabrics Explained

Posted by LO on 3/18/2019 to Pipe and Drape
voile vs chiffon drapery While the variations between these fabrics may be on the subtle side, learning to recognize the main characteristics of each can allow you to find just the right kind of sheer wall and ceiling drapes for one of the 2.4 million weddings that take place in the average year, as well as for birthdays and other special occasions.

3 Tips For Creating A Stage Backdrop For A Smaller Church

Posted by LO on 3/15/2019 to Pipe and Drape
Churches are big social gathering places. They host weddings, they put on pageants, and they even have youth plays. But when you're a smaller church, you might feel like you don't have enough space to create a brilliant stage design.

Why Would Anyone Buy Sheer Drapes?

Posted by LO on 1/29/2019 to Pipe and Drape
sheer drapes

One of the many purposes of curtains and drapes is to help insulate your home, either from weather, light, or both. By picking sheer drapes, however, you're shirking this time-old responsibility and displaying fashion over function. Is this true?

Even though you might not be benefiting from the warmth a think drape can provide, there are plenty of ways sheer drapes can improve the look of your home or event. Here's how including sheer drapes to your space can mesh versatility and fashion.

Your Guide To Different Types Of Draping Fabrics

Posted by LO on 1/26/2019 to Pipe and Drape
poly satin drapery

When you're picking out drapes, the amount of fabric options can be overwhelming. While it may seem like the choice of fabric is not all that important, each has different features and therefore different functions. Whether you're a part of the country's party and event planning industry, which employs about 134,000 people, or you need drapes for a particular special occasion, knowing the difference in fabrics will be essential in picking the right one for your needs.

5 Different Wedding Looks You Can Achieve With Sheer Drapes

Posted by LO on 12/31/2018 to Pipe and Drape
Sheer draping wedding styles

The style of your wedding dictates almost everything about the big day. Naturally, you want a style that represents your personal tastes, that appeals to your guests, and that can incorporate your favorite design elements. When it comes to sheer drapes for a wedding, you create a multitude of different looks suited for a wide variety of couples. Find inspiration from these styles and you'll land on your perfect wedding theme.

Why Every Church Needs High Quality Curtains

Posted by LO on 12/28/2018 to Pipe and Drape
Why the right church curtains are important.

A church is often the heart and soul of a community, providing not only a place to worship but a place for everyone to gather, celebrate, and spend time together. With families and people of all shapes and sizes coming through a church's door, you want your church to look its best and to be a safe environment. You can see these and many other benefits when you install high-quality church curtains.