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3 Ways To Add Class to a Rustic Wedding Venue

Rustic weddings continue to captivate with their bucolic charm and an invitingly simple, yet elegant ambiance. Navigating the line between casual and classy is a fine art. You can create the perfect ambiance using these effective ways to add class to a rustic wedding venue.

Choose the Right Architecture & Backdrops

Accomplish a rustic vibe with many beautiful venue design choices, including distinct architecture. Barns with soaring ceilings, exposed beams, and grand, well-worn doors can add an architectural elegance that’s hard to replicate.

Think about the natural backdrops that your venue offers as they can truly bring that rustic theme to life. Natural vistas that overlook a vineyard, pond, or charming fields lend a sense of spacious luxury.

Extend that natural beauty to your photo booth backdrops and drape panels. For instance, pipe and drape panels come in various styles, including Banjo drapes. The texture of Banjo drapes evokes a hand-crafted aesthetic that makes it a warm, inviting addition to rustic venues and events.

Liven the Atmosphere With a Band

The intimacy of a rustic setting often pairs well with live music. Musicians and bands from string quartets to bluegrass stars offer a unique take on elegance and raw emotion.

On the other hand, solo acoustic performers can inject a romantic touch during the ceremony and cocktail hour. Pair your live music with nighttime activities that bring the personal, intimate wedding atmosphere to life long after the bride and groom have said their vows.

A s’mores station, a whisky tasting, or a midnight horse-drawn carriage ride can add a touch of timeless magic to the evening’s celebrations. That’s a keyword to think about with any rustic theme choice—timeless beauty.

A rustic theme is more than old décor or music. Think of design choices that evoke an aged aesthetic but in a friendly, fun way. With that in mind, you can add class to a rustic wedding venue cohesively and creatively.

Find Fitting Rustic Attire

Your wedding attire is another brilliant way to bring class to your rustic aesthetic. Opt for a dress with flowing fabrics, intricate lace, and understated designs that lend their elegance to a rustic scene. Avoid traditional dress choices and consider a simple, flattering cut.

Seek a vintage suit or well-tailored vest for the groom and match it with simple, refined details like a pocket watch or boutonniere of local flowers. A pocket watch perfectly captures that timeless beauty because it’s old technology that symbolizes class and elegance.

So, what about bridesmaids and groomsmen? A trend toward mix-and-match attire for the bridal party lets each member express their style. Complimentary tones such as champagne, dusty rose, and sage keep the ceremony’s aesthetic cohesive.

With the right considerations, a rustic wedding can transcend its original form, becoming a stage where casual and class converge. Follow these tips to create not just a space for an event, but an environment for a memory that glows like the setting sun on a warm, rustic evening.

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