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Setting Up Your Display

Instructions for assembling and setting up your pipe and drape display.

Pipe and Drape Base Assembly

Using the screw located in the bottom of the base pin, push the threaded screw through the bottom of the base (the screw head should rest against the flat part of the base, not the raised counter-sunk part).

Then, screw the base pin onto the base (the base pin goes on the raised portion).

Tip: For maximum stability, we recommend using the center hole for your base pin.
Setting Up Slip-Fit Pipe and Drape

Our Slip-Fit Uprights are hollow, so putting them onto the base is easy! Just slide the upright over the pin.

Tip: Make sure that the "top slots" -- right near one of the ends of the upright -- are at the top when you put it on the base. If you put the upright "upside down" -- with the top slots going over the base pin -- you won't be able to use the drape support rod.

Putting Drapes on Pipe and Drape Support Rod

Using the sewn-in pole pocket on your drape, "sleeve" the drape(s) onto the drape support rod.

Guide to Setting Up Pipe and Drape

Now that your drape is on your drape support rod, place the hook end of the drape support rod into one of the open slots on the upright.

Tip: Have both of your uprights set up and in place so that each hook end of the drape support rod has a home.

Fully Assembled Pipe and Drape Backdrop

You're all done! In less than 10 minutes you now have a pipe and drape backdrop. For an extra tip, continue reading below.

Extra tip - Making sure your spacing is correct:
  • Once you have the base pin on your bases (Step 1), take the drape support rod, set it to the width that you would like, and carefully place it on the floor. Then put a base at each hook end -- where each hook end is lined up to where each base pin is located.

    This helps you check that your spacing is correct before you've already put your drapes on the support rod.

    If you want to double check, put your uprights over the base pin (Step 2) and hook the support rod into the lower slots (if available; not all uprights have lower slots). Check to see if it is properly spaced, and then proceed to Step 3.

For questions regarding any portion of setting up your pipe and drape display, please contact us and we'll be happy to help guide you through it.