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Connecting Framework Packages (Extenders)

Pipe and Base Connecting Backdrop (Extender)
Connecting Extender Kits include 1 upright, 1 base, and 1 drape support rod / crossbar. They must connect to an existing Package (Kit), and are only intended to extend the width. Connecting Extenders cannot stand by themselves, and therefore cannot be used alone as a freestanding structure.

If you have existing pipe and base (or if you already have one of our Framework Packages), you can extend the width of your display by adding Connecting Framework / Hardware Kits. IMPORTANT: these Connecting Extender Packages will NOT stand up on their own. They require an existing pipe and base structure to "connect" into, and are only intended to extend the width of a set-up (not to be used by themselves as a free-standing display).

With Connecting Packages, you're able to expand your pipe and base set-up in a variety of ways, including:

-Continuing a linear span (such as 40 feet wide, all as one section)
-Making 90 degree turns (to make an "L" shape, for example)
-Creating an open ended or fully enclosed "box" (such as a "U" shape, for example)

For more information on Connecting Packages (Extenders) please read our short article.