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The Importance of Properly Weighing Down Your Event Drapes

Event drapes transform a venue into something spectacular. Getting that transformative effect requires carefully setting up your drapes. A key detail that will always help you establish the safest and most visually appealing setup is proper weight distribution. Weighing down your drapes can include various tasks, such as using a heavier fabric or establishing a heavier base. We’ll address these points and more so that you can arrange your fabric beautifully. Keep reading to learn the importance of properly weighing down your event drapes.

Weighing Down the Base

Some pipe and drape displays feature uprights, which hold your drape panels so that you can easily place them around the venue. Simply put, the uprights act as stands for the fabric. One helpful tactic for setting up these displays is weighing them down. The benefit of this is to ensure the drapes don’t fall over. Pipe and drape displays are reliable structures, but having them around high foot traffic areas makes it easy for someone to bump into the drapes and knock them over.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to pile sandbags around the base of your drapes to keep them stable. At Pipe and Drape Online, our pipe and drape accessories include rubber base weights that will hold the display in place. That way, you can weigh them down without hurting your décor’s aesthetics. After all, the main purpose of pipe and drape displays is to boost your venue’s visual appeal.

Choosing Fuller Fabrics

The importance of properly weighing down your event drapes also applies to the weight of the fabric itself. Event drapes come in various types, with some fabrics being more lightweight than others. For example, our event drapes for sale online include commando and sheer voile drapes. You’ll find sheer voile drapes that weigh 6 oz. These can float above the venue to create a delicately elegant appearance. Commando drapes are also elegant, but the heavier weight creates a fuller look.

Thicker fabrics have a theater-curtain-like appearance when you pair them with valance hangers. This drape design stands out and turns a normal wall into an upscale arrangement. Luckily, thicker fabrics, such as commando drapes, aren’t very heavy to hold. You’ll find commando drapes in our online inventory that weigh 1 lb. 5 oz., so they’re still light enough for convenient transportation.

Establishing Stunning Décor

Understanding the benefits of weighing down event drapes will help you find the best setup for any specific venue you decorate. Weighing down bases helps with overall stability, but choosing heavier fabrics is an aesthetic choice, so the right decision relies on what your event requires. Full fabrics create a complex visual arrangement, showcasing the textures and colors in a beautiful light.

Using heavier drapes to create a flowing look for your arrangement, much like the aforementioned theater drapes, brings more visual dimension to the space. That said, if you want the serene, angelic appearance of lighter fabrics, such as sheer voile drapes, that can be effective, too. Luckily, now that you know what makes weighed-down pipe and drape arrangements so useful, you can determine how your next event may benefit from them.

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