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Pipe and Drape Equipment for Trade Shows & Conventions

A picture of a pipe and drape trade show backdrop in use.

Trade show booths were amongst the original uses of pipe and drape, and it still serves as a staple in the trade show industry today. From individual exhibitors to convention centers supplying the booths, a system of pipes and bases to partition exhibit spaces is fast to set up, quick to break down, and affordable. At Pipe and Drape Online, we provide a large, customizable selection of pipe and drape equipment for conventions and trade shows.

Versatile Trade Show Booth Framework

A pipe and drape trade show booth can have a wide variety of heights, widths, and depths for maximum versatility. Some trade show booth options are rigid and unable to be customized to your exact needs, but with pipe and drape, your exhibitor space can be whatever dimensions you would like.

With a variety of vertical pipes available, customizing the height of your trade show booth is quick and easy. Likewise, adjustable horizontal crossbar pipes allow both the width and depth of each booth to be set in a variety of dimensions.

So forget about rigid booth structures that have no ability to be modified in size -- pipe and drape trade show booths are the most versatile option out there!

Drapes, Banners, and Everything In Between

Hanging signage and custom printed banners at your next trade show or convention is easy with pipe and drape.

A great feature of trade show and convention pipe and drape equipment is the ability to hang everything from expo drapery to printed banners and more, along with the fact that changing out the look of a booth is as easy as swapping out the fabric for something different. You can have a convention booth with black drapes for one show, then use blue drapes for the next show—all you need to do is switch out the drape.

Enhance Your Booth Even Further

Elevate your trade show booth to a new level by using sign hooks, valance hangers, and other convention equipment accessories.

With a variety of simple add-ons available, turning your booth into a head-turning display is easier than ever. For example, sign hooks allow you to hang grommeted banners or signage, and valance hangers let you really stand out from the crowd with multiple fabric layers.

It doesn’t stop there, though. You can also add uplighting and accent decor to really make your trade show booth stand out from the crowd. A little imagination is all that’s required.

Beyond the Booth

Convention table linens, including table skirting and table throws, help put the finishing touches on your exhibit space.

At Pipe and Drape Online, we offer a variety of trade show and convention equipment that goes even further than the actual exhibitor booth space. We also offer a variety of convention table skirting and table throws to give your entire space the final touch, right down to your tables.

For over a decade, we've helped hundreds of businesses and organizations ensure that their booth stands out from the crowd. Connect with our team if you have any questions about what pipe and drape equipment you need for your trade show or convention.