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Framework Packages (No Drapes)

Pipe and Base Framework / Hardware Kits

If you already have drapes and just need pipe and base framework (hardware), we make it easy!

We offer framework-only pipe & base kits that include UPRIGHTS (vertical pipes) made of durable aluminum, BASES (floor plates) fabricated from steel, and DRAPE SUPPORT RODS (horizontal pipe / crossbar) that are made of aluminum and feature metal hook ends.

  • Choose your height. We offer packages from 3 feet tall to 14 feet tall. (Taller heights are available "by the piece" in our store).
  • Choose your Upright type. FIXED = one piece, non-adjustable and does not break down into smaller pieces. BREAK APART = two piece, though not adjustable in height. Breaks into two smaller sections for easier transportation and storage. ADJUSTABLE = adjustable in height; the upright telescopes.

Important Note: Framework Only Packages do NOT include drapes or any fabric to hang. If you need the hardware and drapes, please see our Complete Drape Packages

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