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Pipe and Drape Supplies for Schools & Universities

Some of our most frequent customers are schools, colleges, and universities—and for good reason. Pipe and drape supplies used for many applications within an academic institution, from proms and dances to graduation ceremonies to theatrical performances.

The uses of pipe and drape within schools apply to K-12 right through to college. Let’s explore just a few of the most common uses:

School Functions

There is no shortage of school assemblies and functions that can benefit from pipe and drape backdrops. It’s amazing how these school backdrop curtain kits can create such a stunning setting for a prom, spirit / pep rally, fundraiser, silent auction, book fair, and more.

Complete school and university pipe and drape booth supplies kits start at 3 feet tall and go all the way up to 14 feet tall, with many sizes in between. And if you want to go the extra mile, consider finishing off the room with an elegant ceiling draping kit and make it an event to remember!

Setting the Stage

Theater & drama, band, orchestra, and chorus departments use pipe and drape to set stage backgrounds, as well as for masking areas. We carry an assortment of draping materials, from lighter weight polyesters to opaque masking drapery. Nearly all of our fabrics are flame retardant, which is perfect for schools that require such materials.


School and university pipe and drape supply kits serve as a beautiful backdrop for graduation ceremonies. You can use drapery colors that are the same (or similar) to your school colors, or you can choose a neutral color (such as white drapes) that matches any and all colors in the room. The choice is yours!

Greek Life

Although perhaps not directly affiliated with a school, sororities and fraternities use pipe and drape for initiations, recruitment, welcoming ceremonies, fundraisers, and more. With some pipes, bases, and drapes, you can turn any room into an amazing setting.