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3 Tips on Choosing the Right Drapes for Your Church Event

Buying drapes is just one detail that brings an event together, but it’s an important detail. The right fabric and placement can impact not just the visual appeal but also the atmosphere. Great drapes make guests feel welcome and festive when they arrive for the event. Avoid overlooking invaluable details with the help of these tips on choosing the right drapes for your church event.

Consider What Requires Covering

Decorative drapes create a festive atmosphere, but you shouldn’t place them randomly around the venue. Your event drapes can serve a creative and functional purpose. For example, if your event space has a closet door, you can use the striking drapes of a backdrop panel to cover it so no one accidentally wanders inside.

Plus, is there an area in the space where the sunlight shines through and makes the fabric look even more ethereal? Event drapes will give your stage backdrop more visual depth with eye-catching textures and colors.

Exploring small details like this is important, and results will vary depending on fabric, church design, and more. At the end of the day, this decor is all about giving you more control over the event. Once you know what needs to be covered, break out the tape measure and consider how much drapery you will need. This will help you avoid undersupplying decorative fabric or additional hardware.

Remember Your Safety Standards

Drapes aren’t dangerous, but there are a few areas where you must consider safety. For instance, event drapes can come in various forms, such as hanging from the ceiling. This creates a stunning display of texture and color, but it’s all about proper placement.

If you hang the drapes low enough to block people’s vision or place them in a doorway, that’s not exactly the safest setup. In addition, drapes can come in various fire safety styles. Our backdrop panels for sale at Pipe & Drape Online offer ample creative freedom in color and texture. However, these panels also come with different safety features, from durably flame retardant to inherently flame retardant. Fine-tuning your design to your preferences makes it easier to keep guests safe and the fabric intact over time.

Brainstorm With Accessories

Our final tip on choosing the right drapes for your church event is to explore accessories. If you’re not an expert at dressing up church events, you may not immediately gravitate toward add-ons for decorative drapes. However, these additional tools can help you make the drape display look even more stunning with minimal extra effort.

For example, at Pipe & Drape, we have drape accessories that include upright extensions, tieback bands, drape extension handles, and more. The extension handles make setup easier, but the upright extensions and tieback bands give you a way to hang the drapes in your church more precisely. Upright extensions give your display more height, whereas those additional bands clear space and boost aesthetics by controlling the flow of the fabric. Once you get hands-on with these tools, you’ll see just how easily you can elevate your church event to achieve a wonderfully warm and welcoming evening.

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