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Event coordinators and party planners are experts at blending creative designs with a knack for picking the perfect color combinations for the occasion. Pipe & Drape Online offers a variety of event planning supplies that transform any space into an amazing setting, whether you’re just starting out with your first backdrop, or you’re an established event planner with hundreds of bookings and happy clients served.

Weddings are such a popular request for party planners that we have an entirely separate page devoted to covering items for that occasion. However, there are numerous other important events that event planners are in charge of.

Birthday Celebrations:

From “Baby’s-1st-Birthday” to “100-Years-Young” celebrations, and every year in between, these joyous occasions can incorporate readily available party planning supplies to create magical settings. Seen below, mixing some sheer drapes, string lights, beautifully positioned swags, and some extra props made a stunning backdrop!

A picture of a pipe and drape backdrop used for a birthday celebration.

Another increasingly popular backdrop that our party planning clients set-up are decorative flower walls using our pipe & base framework only kits. We offer vertical Upright pipes that start at 3 feet tall, and have models that go all the way up to 20 feet tall, with many heights available along the way, so you can create a perfectly-sized flower wall based on your client's preferences.

Pipe and Base Flower Wall for Event Planning

These are just a couple of examples of how our event planning supplies are ideal for birthday celebrations – the possibilities are endless, so get those creative juices flowing and have the perfect setting for your clients to blow out the candles!

Baby Showers:

Such an exciting event calls for an exciting display! Using a pipe and drape kit, balloons, and signage is a great way to elevate a baby shower.

Baby Shower Backdrop for Party Planners

Is your client planning on revealing the baby's gender during the baby shower? We have a variety of drape colors available, including pinks and blues. If your client is keeping that part secret, or is waiting and won't know ahead of time, then white, ivory, and multiple other neutral colors are also offered. Either way, event coordinators can choose neutral colors, or classic colors, based on their client’s preferences.


Many of our party planning clients go beyond the backdrop and also incorporate elegant ceiling draping into the overall aesthetics of the room. Anniversary celebrations call for magical settings, and ceiling drapes are a fantastic way to add to the fairytale story of the happy couple and their family & friends attending the joyous occasion.

Elevate the Room with Beautiful Ceiling Drapery

Pipe and drape accessories, such as Valance Hangers and Clip Rod Supports, give event designers a ton of options for setting up breathtaking drapery layers with stunning dimension.

Create a Fairytale Setting with an Anniversary Theme Backdrop

Holiday Events:

With so many event drape fabrics and colors available, establishing a color scheme to perfectly pair with the holiday is fast and simple. From red and green for Christmas, to reds, pinks, and white for Valentine’s Day, to green and gold for St. Patrick’s Day festivities, party planners can utilize the same pipe and base structure for each holiday, and design completely new backdrops for each one by simply keeping a variety of drapes on hand and using the best colors for the holiday being celebrated.

Event Draping for Party Planners

A pipe and drape photo booth is another opportunity to put smiles on faces and have guests leaving at the end of the night with lifelong memories, all captured in a photo. Event planners can choose to line their photo booth with holiday colored drapes, particularly to serve as the background on the wall that photos are being taken in front of, or use a universal color for all holiday events (such as black) and letting the props tell the story in the pictures. Either way, you’ll want to make sure that you have a variety of accessories available; think reindeer antlers for Christmas, heart sunglasses for Valentine’s Day, and leprechaun hats for St. Patrick’s Day. The beauty of pipe and drape photo booths is that they can easily be broken down after the event is over, and quickly set-up once again for the next holiday function!

Nobody is hiring a party planner to host a “Happy Random Tuesday in August” event – they are booking party planners to assist them with creating unforgettable events for important occasions: birthday extravaganzas, baby showers, anniversary celebrations, and holiday festivities. At Pipe and Drape Online, we offer a wide variety of quality pipe & drape, ceiling draping kits, and accessories to help our event planning clients earn 5-star reviews and valuable word-of-mouth referrals. Contact us for assistance with all your event planner supply needs.