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About Us

Just a few reasons that you'll love working with!

We take customer satisfaction seriously:

It's important to know who you're doing business with. Our parent company has been in business since 1991 and is BBB Accredited with a stellar A+ rating. In over 20 years, we have served thousands of happy customers across the globe.

You save the most money:

We offer low prices on quality pipe and drape, and we're always actively seeking ways to help lower costs for our customers. We don't just claim to have the lowest prices...we back it with a Price Match Guarantee.

Honest advice with no gimmicks:

Another one of the ways that we help our customers save money is by always providing honest advice. We will never attempt to sell you something that we don't feel is necessary. If you provide us with the set-up that you are trying to achieve, we will look for every way that we can get it to you at the absolute lowest price.

The price you see is the price you pay:

WARNING: Be VERY careful with companies that give you a "shipping estimate" or "freight estimate" and then bill you the actual shipping at a later time/date. We've had several customers tell us how they had previously purchased pipe and drape from a company that issued a "freight estimate", and then were billed HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS more than the estimate after it had shipped! You never have to worry about that with us. When you get a price from, you know that's all you're paying.

Customer service...LIVE customer service:

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is standing by to assist you with live customer service during business hours. We offer phone, email, and live chat support, so you have a choice in reaching us using a method that is most convenient for you.

American made matters to us:

The majority of our products are made or otherwise fabricated here in America. This helps us put Americans to work for fabrication, sewing, customer service, warehouse workers, and more! We also help other U.S. companies by giving them our business.

These are just a few reasons that we think you'll love working with us, and a few of the reasons that so many convention centers, churches, schools and colleges, wedding banquet halls, party rental stores, and so many other businesses trust us for their pipe and drape needs.

Let us know how we can provide you with excellent service today, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Besides the sales, production, and shipping staff, our employees have a lot of stay-at-home help (note: not in the office or warehouse). All of our staff's animals are rescues. Let's meet them!

Also known as: Peeps, Pips
Position: Princess
Favorite Hobbies: Eating, Sleeping, Being Pet
About: Peanut is extremely spoiled, and quite emotional. She gets so worked up sometimes when you're petting her: first she starts a low (friendly) growl, then her cheeks start to puff, and then she explodes and jumps up to lick your face.


Also known as: Jakey, Snakes, Snakey, Snacks
Position: Head of Security
Favorite Hobbies: Barking, Being Pet, Being Brushed
About: He's big, and may seem like a scaredy-cat, but as Head of Security, he can't be beat! A squirrel in his yard? He'll be the first to bark and let you know.

Also known as: Scroggs, Scriggs, Scriggerton, Scriggies
Position: Chief Meteorologist
Favorite Hobbies: Wagging His Stumpy Tail, Being Brushed
About: Cody is a good boy, and an excellent meteorologist!
During the frequent Georgia storms throughout the year, he'll let you know ahead of time that it's coming by hiding in his downstairs bathroom.

Also known as: Daze, Googly-Eyes

Position: Assistant Head of Security
Favorite Hobbies: Playing With Friends
About: Daisy is always on the lookout! Her eyes dart back and forth all day (hence: Googly-Eyes), keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. For this reason, she serves with Jake as the security team.

Also known as: Meowy, Gabs, Gib-Gib

Position: Food Taster
Favorite Hobbies: Eating, Grooming People
About: Gabby (full name "Gabby The Wondercat") loves to eat pretty much anything and everything that she can find. Her favorites include...anything wet food! She's very vocal and affectionate, and isn't afraid of a crowd. When company comes over she loves to be the center of attention!

Also known as: Griddly

Position: Sports Analyst
Favorite Hobbies: Playing, Biting Your Hand
About: When she's not wrestling around with Gabby or biting your hands when you pet her, Grits (yes, named after the southern staple food) loves to lounge around and watch sports on TV. Here she's cheering on our home town Atlanta Falcons as they score a touchdown.

Also known as: Nu-nu

Position: Research and Development
Favorite Hobbies: Watching Birds, Getting into Trouble
About: Everything is a wonder-of-the-world to Noodles, and even if it's something she's already familiar with, she'll investigate it further. When she's not being a trouble maker...well, actually she's always a trouble maker!

Mr. Sass
Also known as: Mr. Boodoos, Belly-Man

Position: Neighborhood Watch
Favorite Hobbies: Staring out the Window, Cuddling
About: Mr. Sass may look harmless, but he spends most of his time looking out the window and making sure everyone's behaving. When Mr. Sass isn't keeping order in his neighborhood, he loves to cuddle up to a good movie while munching on his favorite snack - potato chips.