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Pipe and Drape Accessories You’ll Need for an Outdoor Event

Outdoor venues can be stunning without any decoration, but drapes help you tie the whole space into your event’s theme. However, you can take a minimalist approach or a more show-stopping one; both are attainable and attractive in the right settings. One of the best ways to fine-tune your pipe and drape setup is to think about the accessories. These are the best pipe and drape accessories you’ll need for an outdoor event.

The Right Fabric

When choosing pipe and drape setups, you have many different styles of drape fabrics to choose from. Thus, deciding on the perfect fabric can be a creatively fulfilling process. You can find ways to help the fabric shine or blend in more subtly.

Likewise, the texture of the fabric has a significant impact on the event space. For example, commando drapes are a soft, felt-like material, whereas banjo drapes have distinctly handcrafted textures. So what exactly are you looking for from your event fabric? As you’ll see when browsing the options available online, your choices are wonderfully eclectic.

Quality Crossbars

The materials beneath your fabric are as important as the fabric itself because both help you transform the space. For example, crossbars (or support rods) allow you to adjust the fabric width easily. In other words, the crossbars help you envelop the venue in striking fabric. However, when you want a more subtle approach, you can adjust the crossbars to accommodate that, again delivering creative freedom.

Eye-Catching Skirting

When picking up pipe and drape hardware for an outdoor event, always be on the lookout for table or stage skirting as well. This accessory provides an eye-catching way to personalize the table and stage to fit your event theme. For example, instead of leaving the underside of an event stage visible, you can patch it up with an amazing piece of fabric. This is a seemingly small but beautifully impactful step.

Suffice it to say that if you have a stage at your event, decorating it in a way that grabs people’s attention is crucial. Luckily, now that you’re aware of the primary pipe and drape accessories you’ll need for an outdoor event, creating an attention-grabbing venue shouldn’t be a problem.

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