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3 Best Fabrics for Photo Booth Backdrops

Photo booth fabric comes in a variety of options to help people create an attractive, effective backdrop. The options can be overwhelming at first glance. Don’t worry—we’re here to simplify your search by breaking down three of the most effective options available. Let’s dive into the best fabrics for photo booth backdrops so that you can decide on the best design for any upcoming event.


One of the key benefits of cotton is that it’s a non-reflective material. Thus, the material has a soft but warm presence in the photo frame. Cotton is best when you want a backdrop that’s attractive but isn’t the centerpiece of the frame. For example, our drape panels at Pipe & Drape include Commando fabric in black. Thanks to the black color and non-reflective design, you can create a subtle backdrop that helps the guests and the props they hold stand out beautifully.

Poly Satin

Poly satin is one of the best fabrics for photo booth backdrops for someone who wants a backdrop as stunning as the surrounding dresses, decorations, and beyond. Poly satin fabric is a glossy and shiny material that’ll pop in each photo because it’s more reflective than cotton.

Make sure to experiment with the lighting equipment you have for the venue so that you can find the most effective way to reflect light on the fabric. As you can see, a key detail to look at when considering your backdrop fabrics is the stylistic opportunities available. However, there’s one more fabric that can help you bring your photo booth to life, which we’ll get into next.


Polyester is a non-reflective backdrop material but still manages to bring an upscale appearance to the frame. The visual appeal is present thanks to the smooth texture and various color options. At Pipe & Drape, our pipe and drape photo booth materials include Premier drapes available in red, purple, black, white, and more colors.

Additionally, polyester is a lightweight fabric, making it easy to set up and move around the venue. Whether you want the elegance of polyester, the gloss of poly satin, or the warmth of cotton, you can bring those elements to your photo booth today. Now that you know more about the fabrics available, you can use them to your advantage in any event venue so that you can make the best photo booth possible.

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