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3 Tips for Choosing Draping Fabric for a Fashion Show

Fashion shows are stunning not only because of the clothes but also the whole event. There’s a reason a great fashion show isn’t held in an empty room or random neighborhood yard. The atmosphere and aesthetics must be excellent for a fabulous fashion show, and setting it up is a fun, creative endeavor. To support your project, we’ve compiled three essential tips for choosing draping fabric for a fashion show.

Match the Fashion’s Beauty

You don’t want your fashion show decor to pale in comparison to the fashion. Instead, you can make your venue look just as elegant by choosing the right fabrics. For example, our online inventory includes pipe and drape backdrop packages available in Premier and Commando.

Beyond the colors, the textures make each fabric truly unique. Our premier drapes are a tried-and-true material that comes in several colors to match the theme of the fashion show. Commando drapes are heavier, more opaque, and feature a felt or suede surface for an elegant exterior design. Simply put, don’t only look at draping fabric for its functionality. Make sure the colors and textures match the elegance and creativity showcased in the clothing on stage.

Elevate the Environment Around You

Speaking of the fabric’s impact, you should also consider how its appearance will elevate the venue. Instead of making the fabric feel like it is a natural part of the venue, make it stand out. How can you improve the walls with your fabric? Do you need decorative backdrops to create more coherent pathways?

The venue may look nice, but this is a fashion show, so don’t shy away from adding an extra touch of style to your decorations. Vibrant fabric colors will help you do this, but darker fabrics can also look incredible in the right environment, so what does your venue require?

Keep Safety Standards in Mind

One of the most important tips for choosing draping fabric for a fashion show is to consider fire safety. It’s not as easy as saying one fabric is fire retardant and one is not. For example, at Pipe & Drape Online, all but one of our fabrics come with various types of protection that include flame retardant, inherently flame retardant and durably flame retardant.

Durably flame-retardant fabrics can withstand many washes without losing their protective abilities, whereas washing will quickly wear down the flame-retardant properties of an average fabric. Inherently flame-retardant fabric takes it a step further by not losing its abilities at all through washing if you follow the seller’s washing recommendations. This is because the fabric itself is fire retardant without any further treatment. As you can see, there is a lot to know about draping fabric, but now you can dive into the technicalities more successfully when shopping.

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