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A picture of pipe and drape base plates in various sizes.

In this article, we’ll discuss pipe and drape Bases. Also known as base plates or floor plates, these serve as the foundation of your pipe and drape set-up. A base goes underneath each Upright pipe (the vertical pipe that sets the height) and acts as the piece that keeps the Upright standing up.

Your structure won't stand without a base, so it's definitely an important part of a pipe and drape set-up.

Bases come in a variety of sizes and weights, from a smaller 8-inch x 14-inch size (6 pound weight), all the way up to a 24-inch x 24-inch size (61 pound weight). There’s a reason for this range of base sizes and weights: the taller your Upright pipe, the bigger and heavier your Base needs to be to ensure a safe, stable structure.

So what size Base should you use for your display?

Knowing that the correct Base is determined by the height that you’ll be using for your vertical Uprights, here’s a quick guide* for the recommended Base for each of our Upright heights:

3 Foot Tall Uprights = 8” x 14” Base / 6 lbs.
8 inch x 14 inch base for 3 foot tall upright pipes

6 to 8 Foot Tall Uprights = 16” x 14” Base / 10 lbs.
16 inch x 14 inch base for up to 8 foot tall uprights

9 to 12 Foot Tall Uprights = 18” x 18” Lightweight Base / 17 lbs.
An 18 inch x 18 inch pipe and drape base plate for Uprights up to 12 feet tall

13 to 16 Foot Tall Uprights = 18” x 18” Heavy Duty Base / 35 lbs.
Heavy Duty 18 inch x 18 inch base for uprights up to 16 feet tall

17 to 20+ Foot Tall Uprights = 24” x 24” Heavy Duty Base / 61 lbs.
A 61 pound Heavy Duty 24 inch x 24 inch pipe and drape base plate for uprights that are 17 feet or taller

*This guide is based on pipe and drape displays that are used for normal, indoor applications (such as covering a wall), with minimal foot traffic. If you’re using your pipe and drape backdrop in a high traffic area where guests may come into contact with the structure, or if you are using really heavy drapes for your backdrop, consider upgrading to a heavier Base for added stability.

Remember, you can always go with a heavier Base than the recommended model, but we never suggest using a lighter Base than what is recommended. We also offer 20-pound and 30-pound Rubber Base Weights that can go on top of any of our Bases to add even more weight when needed.

What is a Slip-Fit Base?

Our pipe and drape systems are all “Slip-Fit” style. This means that the Upright pipes are hollow, and are simply placed on top of a solid steel cylinder Base Pin that is included with each base that we offer.

To have your Upright standing in less than 20 seconds, all you have to do is:

How a Slip-Fit Base works with Slip-Fit Uprights

1. Screw the Pin onto your Base.

2. Put your Upright over (on top of) the Pin.

Super easy, super fast -- that’s the best part of the Slip-Fit system!

Silver or Black? Choose Your Look!

We carry an assortment of Bases with a standard silver finish, or for a more sleek appearance we also offer them with a gorgeous black finish. Our Heavy Duty Bases come standard with a black finish.

So there you have it! We hope you learned a little more about what bases are, what they are used for, and what size you should choose for your display. If you have any questions about any of our pipe and drape base plates, please contact us. We’re more than happy to help!

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