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A picture of pipe and drape Upright pipes in various sizes.

In this article, we’ll focus on pipe and drape Uprights, sometimes called vertical poles, pipes, or stands. These are the vertical aluminum pipes that create the height of your display.

Because the majority of our clients set-up and break-down their displays often, and because we want to ensure that your pipes last a long time, we offer Slip-Fit style Uprights.

With this style, you simply:

1) Screw a cylindrical pin onto your Slip-Fit Base plate.

2) Place your hollow Upright pipe on top the pin.

There are only 2 steps for using a slip-fit Upright

That’s all it takes to have your Upright standing! The Slip-Fit system makes set-up quick and easy.

Which Upright is Best for You?

In our line-up of Slip-Fit Uprights, we offer 3 different types: Fixed Height, Break Apart, and Adjustable / Telescoping. Let’s look at the characteristics of each one:

Fixed Height Uprights

Fixed Uprights are one piece that do not adjust or break down into smaller sections

These are one-piece Uprights that do not break down into smaller sections or adjust in height.

If it is an 8 foot tall Upright, for example, it is one piece that is 8 feet tall.

Besides being the least expensive option, fixed height Uprights are a practical choice if your displays will always have the same height each time they are used, and if you don’t need smaller Uprights for storage and transportation (more on that below).

Break Apart Uprights

Break Apart Uprights are two pieces that break down into smaller sections for easier transportation. This is especially useful if you travel with your pipe and drape and do not have a large car.

These are two-piece Uprights that are ideal for situations where space is limited. They are designed for easier storage and transportation, compared to Fixed Uprights, by breaking down into two shorter sections when not in use.

Break Apart Uprights don’t adjust in height, but when the two pieces are put together -- as simple as putting the top piece over the bottom piece -- it creates the final height.

For example, our 8-foot Break Apart Upright is made of a 4-foot tall bottom piece, and a 4-foot 4-inch tall top piece. You put those two pieces together, and once that’s done, you have an 8 foot tall Upright! We also offer a 10-foot tall Break Apart Upright, with a 6-foot bottom piece and a 4-foot 4-inch tall top piece.

Adjustable Height / Telescoping Uprights

Telescoping pipe and drape uprights that adjust in height. These are the most versatile upright option since you can set different heights within a range.

These Uprights telescope to provide a range of height options and are the most versatile Upright style.

Adjustable height Uprights are the best choice if you need a height that isn’t available in our Fixed Height or Break Apart models, or if you require different heights for different events (such as 8 feet tall for one event, but then 10 feet tall for the next event).

We have a wide range of adjustable height upright sizes available, from 6-10 foot tall, all the way up to our 12-20 foot tall model, with many sizes in between.

Considerations When Choosing Your Uprights

Now that you have an idea of the types that we offer, here are a couple of points to keep in mind:

Always check the ceiling clearance height before choosing your Upright. You wouldn’t want to order an 8 foot tall fixed Height Upright, only to find out that the ceiling is only 7 1/2 feet tall!

Always consider your transportation and storage capabilities. If you will be transporting your pipe and drape to various events, you’ll want to make sure that your Uprights will fit inside of your vehicle. If a Fixed Height model doesn’t easily fit, then a Break Apart or Adjustable Height model may be the better option.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the different types of Upright pipes, how they are used, and what you should consider when making your selection. If you have any questions, or would like a second opinion on which style would work best for your event, please contact us today.

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