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Black Powder Bases

Black powder coating gives your bases a more discrete and sleek look. Our black powder coated bases undergo a four step process that involves taking a regular steel base and applying black powder coating, then baking the coating, reapplying the black powder coating to the base, and then baking it again. This creates a textured look of black (semi-shine, but more on the dull side). The superior quality and appearance of our black powder coated bases is noticeable and truly sets ours apart.

Shorter displays only require lighter bases in normal conditions, while taller displays require heavier and larger bases. Here's our recommendations for stability:

3 foot tall uprights = 8" x 14" (6 lb.) base
6 foot tall fixed uprights = 16" x 14" (10 lb.) base
8 foot tall fixed or break apart uprights = 16" x 14" (10 lb.) base, or X Cross Base (X Base is meant for low foot traffic areas only)
10 foot tall fixed, 10 foot tall break apart, 6-10' adjustable, or 7-12' adjustable uprights = 18" x 18" (17 lb.) base
For our taller uprights, see the Ultra-Heavy Base category

Any of our bases can be made even heavier by purchasing a 20 lb. rubber base weight.

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X Cross Base
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