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Things To Consider Before Shopping for Drapes

A pipe and drape display is one of the most conveniently stylish pieces of décor available. Drapes for weddings, graduations, and other events are attractive additions to any space, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare your own checklist before browsing the market. Prior to your décor search, you should jot down these things to consider before shopping for drapes.

Color Preference

First and foremost, what’s the right drape color for your event and venue? There’s no perfect go-to color because each event space can benefit from a custom-built approach. For instance, are you working with a venue that has primarily neutral colors? If so, then consider choosing a neutral-toned drape set to bring the event together.

However, the theme can vary from traditional to out-of-the-box as you aim to reflect the event itself. Weddings often have an association with a classic black-and-white color scheme, but you can also bring a more distinctive approach to your wedding day.

In order to do that, you must solidify a color scheme that symbolizes the beauty you want radiating from the décor and the event as a whole. As you’ll discover when browsing the drapes at Pipe and Drape Online, you’ll find a diverse range of colors that include gold, purple, black, blue, red, silver, white, and more.

Fire Defenses

Besides the aesthetics, you should always consider the safety benefits of your drapes. Thankfully, drape manufacturers have your safety in mind too, and they create products of various fire protection levels. For example, when you look at our adjustable pipe and drape kitsfor sale online, you’ll find various size and color options and different fire-retardant variations.

These variations include Durably Flame Retardant (DFR) and Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR.) Although both fabric options are flame retardant, DFR undergoes special treatment to achieve its washable and durable capabilities, whereas IFR requires no intervention to be fire retardant. Always keep fire safety in mind, even when shopping for decorative drape displays. Not only will your drapes look brilliant, but they’ll make the venue safer too.

The Construction

Assembling your pipe and drape display isn’t an incredibly complex process. In fact, high-quality sets can be quite simple to assemble. However, you should still always read the instructions for building the display before purchasing. This is one of the top things to consider before shopping for drapes because you can determine whether the assembly process for any specific set is something you have the means to do. More specifically, you should consider whether you have enough time and space to assemble the drape kit before the event.

While this isn’t a complex process, it’s something you should carefully plan to ensure easy mistakes don’t hinder your event’s beauty. Now that you know this information, it should be easier to avoid mistakes and feel more satisfying when you finally see that amazing fabric on display.

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