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The Top 3 Event Hazards You Need To Know

Décor is certainly a core component of any event, but so is keeping everyone safe from beginning to end. Remember, from graduations to trade shows, events can pose safety hazards. So where do you start preparing your defenses? Begin by learning these top event hazards you need to know before the festivities occur.


Suffice it to say that avoiding out-of-control fires is always a good thing. That said, such hazards can be more chaotic when you have ample flammable materials and a large crowd of people in danger. Don’t worry; you can reduce fire hazards at your event by outfitting it with décor that can handle the heat—literally.

For instance, our pipe and drape panels (with the exception of our Economy Non-FR material) come in various levels of fire retardant. Thanks to fabrics that have durably flame-retardant or inherently flame-retardant capabilities, you can ensure that the only way they light up your event is with their stunning aesthetic.

Sudden Health Issues

When you’re at the helm of any gathering, you need to know the top event hazards because not all of them pertain to the venue. For instance, unforeseen health issues, such as a heart attack, can strike suddenly during the big day.

As a result, always have medical personnel at the venue ready to assist when medical emergencies occur. First-aid kits are essential, too, but trained personnel are invaluable when substantial accidents happen.

Improper Equipment Setups

Another hazard that can easily strike if you’re not careful is improper equipment setups. For instance, keeping any lighting, audio, and other equipment as far away from the guests as possible reduces the chances of a guest breaking it. Event equipment can remain a helpful part of your toolkit for a long time, but poor preparation during the big day can result in major issues, including worn wires or water damage.

Moreover, concise cable management ensures no one will trip over a wire while walking to the bathroom. Carefully assessing the event space before the big day, such as where the most foot traffic will be, is an easy way to start putting together the ideal equipment setup. By following the steps above, you can create an event that prioritizes safety and excitement for everyone.

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