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How To Choose the Perfect Color Palette for Events

One of the most critical aspects of decorating for events is choosing the best color palette. The right colors will bring events together brilliantly, and the wrong ones will hinder the atmosphere significantly. Don’t worry; avoiding the latter is far from daunting if you have the right tips. Use our guide here to learn how to choose the perfect color palette for events, from graduations to weddings and more.

Build a Creative Structure

You have many colors to choose from to create your scheme, but planning out the structure will allow you to keep things creative instead of chaotic. Luckily, the color wheel provides ample inspiration for creative structure. For instance, monochromatic schemes feature different variations of one color, which is far more visually diverse than you might expect.

If different shades of red fit with your theme, don’t shy away from monochromatic schemes simply because it involves designing with a single hue. On the other hand, triadic color schemes involve choosing several colors with equal placement on the color wheel, amplifying contrast in a striking way.

Prioritize Organization

A color palette brings both visual appeal and organization to your venue. The way you weave similar or contrasting colors can help certain areas pop out to visitors instead of blending in with everything else. For example, photo booths are great additions to weddings and other lively gatherings.

So if the area around the booth has primarily light blue or white decor, using vibrant red curtains for the booth ensures that it immediately captures people’s attention. As you can see from our versatile photo booth curtains, options are available in many different styles.

Avoid neglecting small details in your venue, from photo booth drapes to table skirting and beyond. Although these materials seem straightforward, they provide ample opportunity to create an equally stunning and navigable event.

Design for Scale

If you want to know how to choose the perfect color palette for events, you should learn how color impacts scale. In other words, your color scheme can make the event feel more spacious or cozy—whichever best suits your needs.

A great showcase of this idea is weddings, which benefit from white, sheer voile drapes. The fabric is lightweight, but the white brings more scale to the venue. However, darker colors such as brown can make spaces feel smaller and more intimate.

Luckily, playing with visual layers of colors in your design can help widen the space further. For example, those red photo booth curtains we mentioned bring more visual depth because they don’t simply blend in with their surroundings.

That said, using black curtains can still help the booth pop if you design with contrasting colors successfully. So now that you know some of the best tips, you can start planning your next event color scheme and see these methods in action.

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