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Temporary & Permanent Options for Fabric Draped Ceilings

Fabric influences event spaces delightfully, adding a sense of warmth, luxury, or both depending on the specific material you choose. As a result, ceiling drape fabric is an invaluable tool for designing social and business events alike. Read the helpful list below to learn more about choosing temporary and permanent options for fabric draped ceilings.

Thematic Colors

When figuring out the right approach to ceiling drape design, you must consider your color scheme. By focusing on how the fabric’s color meshes with the other colors around it, you can successfully create a harmonious design in any event space. For instance, if you’re decorating a wedding venue, white drapes are typically the perfect choice.

However, if you’re throwing a graduation party or church event, you should find other colors that flow with your color scheme. Whether the space needs a boost of brightness or the subtle touch of neutral shades, considering how it influences your event theme is important every step of the way.

Sheer Voile

Sheer voile is the perfect ceiling drape fabric because it does a lot with a little. More specifically, sheer voile drapes are lightweight and ethereal, but they impact how elegant a space looks immensely. Instead of simply drooping down messily, sheer voile drapes can flow down from the ceiling, bringing an incredible level of visual depth to the space.

Likewise, the lightweight nature of sheer voile fabric is great for matching the light tone of festive events like weddings. Plus, although white sheer voile drapes are perfect for weddings, you can find these materials in various colors. For instance, if you peruse our selection of sheer ceiling drapes available, you’ll notice they come in white, lavender, black, and other eclectic colors.

Stylish Lighting

Besides considering the fabric and color scheme, don’t forget to optimize your lighting. For example, sheer voile drapes showcase a stunning reflective quality in the right lighting. But, of course, you shouldn’t light the fabric in a way that’s too distracting or gaudy.

However, playing around with light placement will help you find a great opportunity to create an eye-catching focal point. On the other hand, if you want the fabric to blend in more naturally instead of standing out brilliantly, that’s totally fine. That said, being precise with your lighting setup is still important in such cases. Don’t forget how important lighting is to the appearance of drapes and your entire event space. Although choosing temporary and permanent options for fabric draped ceilings requires preparation, as you can see, learning the ropes is attainable and advantageous for any gathering.

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