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Best Event Draping Supplies for Weddings

If you want to plan a successful wedding, there are many details you should consider thoroughly. For instance, event drapes are only part of the décor, but they’re still a significant part. Thankfully, you can read the guide below to learn about the best event draping supplies for weddings. By using the tips below, you’ll bring a strong sense of beauty, luxury, and warmth to your event space swiftly.

Sheer Voile Drapes

When you’re shopping for fabric to style a wedding, seek out a set of sheer voile drapes. These drapes are lightweight and elegant, flowing down the venue walls stunningly. This angelic see-through fabric glows brilliantly in the right lighting, especially if you choose white voile drapes to tie them into your wedding color palette. But don’t assume white is your only option—you can find sheer voile in various colors to accommodate multiple color schemes.

Stretching across the ceiling, sheer voile drape panels add a rich visual depth to the event venue, pairing particularly well with large venues that could benefit from layers of stylish décor vertically. In other words, sheer voile drapes fill the space between your event and the venue ceiling with beautiful fabric instead of untapped potential.

Pipe and Drape Panels

Although you can hang this fabric above, one of the most convenient and beautiful ways to showcase sheer voile at weddings is through a pipe and drape backdrop. Setting up a breathtaking backdrop is the perfect way to transform an ugly venue wall into a beautiful display of color and fabric.

Thankfully, stylish drapes kits come in various sizes and fabric options. For instance, sheer voile is only one of the many fabrics available to choose from in our backdrop kit options, with other available fabrics being velour, commando, and more. So now, with an understanding of the best event draping supplies for weddings, you can ensure your gathering looks as showstopping as it should.

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