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The Role of Drapery in Transforming Outdoor Venues

Outdoor venues are great event spaces for birthdays, weddings, or something else entirely. However, unpredictable weather and outdoor terrain can complicate the decorating process. Event drapes can improve the venue’s appearance, but you might not know how to use them for your outdoor event. Check our list to learn the role of drapery in transforming outdoor venues and avoid misusing this breathtaking décor on the big day.

Maximizing Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

Using lightweight drapes outdoors can be problematic if the wind kicks up or rain interferes with your event. If you want to avoid complicated decorations, find a venue that offers indoor and outdoor spaces. Outdoor events are best when you and your guests have access to an indoor space.

Talk with the venue owner ahead of time so you can establish your event space. If you want both an outdoor and indoor section, you can solidify that before setting up.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Drapery is the key to transforming outdoor venues when you have an additional indoor setup. Using flowing drapery to emphasize the ceiling of the indoor space can complement the outdoor aesthetic. Instead of a dull ceiling, you can create an indoor spectacle with drapes!

Think of ceiling drapes like indoor fireworks that never fizzle out, especially paired with a brilliant lighting arrangement. If you don’t want to put your event drapes outside, you can install them at the threshold to elevate the experience of your guests stepping outdoors to enjoy some fresh air and scenic views.

Upgrading Your Venue Windows

If you want to step outside during an indoor event to escape the music and lights, then blocking the windows gives your guests more privacy when they step outside. Then, they can hop back into the energetic event when they’re ready.

Finding the right event drape can prevent sunlight or streetlights from shining into the venue. If you have the space available outside, your guests can still enjoy that natural light when they step outdoors. Remember that not all event fabrics interact with light in the same way, so compare your options before deciding.

At Pipe and Drape, we offer event draping in many forms, and some have different attributes than others. Sheer voile drapes won’t block light coming in through the windows, but black Premier drapes can stop light from shining through the venue windows. Plan your next event with these details in mind so you don’t overlook the most creative and effective ways to use event drapes, no matter which drapes you choose for the big day.

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