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Essential Pipe and Drape Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

You may know that pipe and drape displays are essential for creating a stunning event space, but have you thought about how to take care of them? Doing so can ensure the materials remain in great condition for years.

Take a moment to learn the essential pipe and drape maintenance tips you need to know so you can keep your displays looking their best. Whether you’re at a trade show, theater production, school event, or any other gathering, you deserve a display that brings the venue together beautifully.

Clean Components Consistently

Pipe and drape displays can accumulate dust, dirt, and stains over time, so you should clean them after every use. Wipe down the poles and bases, but be particularly careful with the drapes.

Pipe and drape displays can feature a wide range of fabrics, but you can’t wash them all the same way. At Pipe & Drape Online, you can easily find laundering instructions when clicking on any of our draping fabrics.

For example, banjo and premier drapes are machine washable with mild liquid detergent and cold water on the gentle cycle. You can also iron them, but only with the cool setting. This differs from velour, which is also machine washable but cannot be ironed. Once cleaned, ensure everything is completely dry before storing it.

Inspect Displays Regularly

Regular inspections of your pipe and drape displays can help you spot damage and make repairs. Inspect the poles, bases, and drapes for tears, cracks, or scratches that may compromise their structural integrity. Plus, wear and tear will reduce the fabric’s aesthetic appeal, so look over the materials before setting up for your event. One way you can avoid damaging things is by storing them appropriately.

Store Materials Appropriately

When storing your pipe and drape displays, always put them in a cool, dry, and secure place to protect them from dust, humidity, and pests. Keeping everything in storage bags or containers will also help them stay safe when not in use. Separating the poles, bases, and drapes can prevent damage from occurring and make it easier to assemble and disassemble the display at your next event.

Knowing these essential pipe and drape maintenance tips will be very rewarding in the long run if you want to keep using your displays. Pipe and drape materials are incredibly transformative for many spaces if you take care of them between and during events. They will make your displays stunning!

For instance, at Pipe & Drape Online, drape support rods are available if you need a new tool for organizing and hanging your fabric brilliantly at your next event. The hardware beneath the drapes is equally as important as the drapes themselves. Keep these maintenance tips in mind before and after your next event to keep your drape displays intact and invaluable to any venue.

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