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poly satin drapes

Pipe and drape is a form of quick and easy event decor that can help to hide unsightly areas or create a stunning backdrop. It involves hanging drapes across a free-standing pipe system and can be put anywhere that has enough space.

It is essentially a portable curtain solution, and you may have seen it used before at a graduation event, house of worship, construction site, wedding, trade show, or convention, amongst many other places.

There are plenty of industries that can benefit from utilizing pipe and drape. Due to how easy it is to assemble and the fact that it can be put it virtually anywhere, it's a great choice for a variety of events. Below are some of the industries that might want to invest in this backdrop pole system.

1. Event Planning

If you work in event planning, or are considering starting out in the industry, you should be utilizing a pipe and drape system. Investing a variety of drapes, such as poly satin, Poly Premier, and sheer Voile in a variety of colors can help you to offer more versatile services. It allows you to offer a wide range of decor options to clients that can work virtually anywhere. Whether you need wedding drapes or drapes for a business party, you will be more likely to have what your client needs on hand.

2. Trade Show and Convention Coordination

Trade shows, job fairs, expos, and conventions are common places to find pipe and drape booths due to the ability to quickly assemble these booths anywhere and create a classy look without tons of effort. It also helps to section off different spaces. If you are in charge of coordinating these types of setups, you should have a stock of pipe and drape on hand.

3. House of Worship

From stage performances to weddings to construction, there are a wide variety of uses for pipe and drape in churches and other houses of worship. Because pipe and drape is temporary and portable, moving it from one location to another is fast and easy, making it an ideal choice for creating a smaller space, dividing rooms, setting up a general backdrop, and much more.

4. School Administrations

Pipe and drape is also useful for schools, colleges, and universities. They come in handy for all kinds of school functions, including science fairs, graduations, pep rallies, and more. You can even use them for choir concerts or theater draping. The most popular fabrics for academic institutions is Poly Premier for most general functions, and 15.5 oz. or 24.5 oz. velour for theatrical applications. Having pipes and drapes available at your school will definitely come in handy on multiple occasions!

5. Venue Owners

Hotel banquet hall? Wedding venue? If you own a space that you rent out for special events, you might want to consider buying pipe and drape systems to rent out as well. They can add value to your venue and offer potential clients decor options. Whether someone is renting your space for a wedding, birthday party, or public event, this option will be appealing to many of your clients.

Pipe and drape is a very versatile decorating and sectioning solution. It comes in handy in a wide range of situations and any industry that hosts events can benefit from using it. If you need any assistance, remember that we’re only a phone call, email, or live chat away!

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