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pole covers

Pole covers help cover pipe and drape upright poles in an event, which help to ensure that the pipes are not seen by your guests. Pole covers have long been used for a variety of special events, so if you’re one of the 134,000 people who work in the U.S. party and event planning sector and haven’t yet used this type of item, then this article is for you!

Choosing pole covers is a relatively simple process, but there are definitely some considerations that you’ll want to think of in advance. This article discusses some factors you need to consider when buying a backdrop poles covers.

Installation Time

In general, installing pole covers is as simple as slipping the open end on top of your upright pipe, and allowing the fabric to fall down the pole toward the base until it is touching your base plate. But after that is done, you’ll likely need to make a small incision (using a scissor or box cutter) to allow the horizontal drape support rod hook to be placed into a slot on your upright.

When setting up for an event, consider the number of pole covers that you have and be sure to budget about a minute per pole cover installation. When set-up time is short, advanced planning will go a long way.

Height and Diameter

Be sure to take note of both the height of the upright pipes being used, and their diameter. With pipe and drape there are many vertical heights available -- as short as 3 feet tall and as tall as 20 feet or higher! -- and typically come in one of two diameters: 1.5 inch and 2 inch. You’ll want to double check that you purchase pole covers that match both the height and the diameter of the upright poles you’re using.

If you’re using adjustable / telescoping uprights that have a range of heights that can be set, you will want to use pole covers that would work on the upright’s maximum height. For example, if your upright can be set anywhere from 6 feet tall to 10 feet tall, and it’s a 2 inch diameter pipe, you would probably be best off purchasing a 10 foot tall x 2 inch diameter pole cover. That way, if and when you set the upright’s height to 10 feet, you’re fully covered.

Fabric and Color of the Covers

This is really a matter of personal preference, but in general the most popular choice is to use pole covers that are made of the same fabric, and in the same color, as the drapes that you’re using on your pipe and drape backdrop. This creates a more seamless look along the entire span.

However, this is not to be interpreted as a “set-in-stone” rule. If the event has a dual color scheme, you could always do the backdrop drapes in one color, and the pole covers in the other color for some contrast.

There is no right or wrong answer to this, so spend a couple of minutes and decide which look would be best for your event.


One of the great things about pipe and drape fabric pole covers is that they’re almost always reusable; so even if you’re not permanently installing your backdrop, you can use your pole covers over and over again for each event.

Keep in mind that after your event, these fold up into relatively small pieces of fabric. Having a “pole cover bag” or separate storage section specifically for them is a good idea to avoid accidentally losing or throwing away your reusable covers.


Remember that pole covers come in different fabric materials, heights, and diameters, so be sure to factor this cost in to your overall event budget. Shop around for the perfect pole covers and get the price for the height, fabric, color, and diameter that you’ll need, then count how many upright pipes you’ll want to cover.

Pole covers are a great, but often overlooked, addition to any pipe and drape system. If you have an upcoming event, we hope this article has helped explain some of the benefits and key points to consider when choosing the perfect pole covers. Of course, if you have any questions we’re always happy to help.

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