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When's the Best Time of Year To Replace Your Drapes?

Event drapes are visually striking additions to a variety of events, and some people use them more than others. If you use event drapes throughout the year for trade shows, parties, and beyond, knowing when to replace them is a must. So, when’s the best time of the year to replace your drapes? Use the checklist below to assess whether it’s time to update your event décor for the next gathering, whether you’re hosting school graduations or business events.

Pre-Event Season

Applications play a big role in determining when you should upgrade event drapes. For example, does your business take part in trade shows throughout the year? If so, take time before each event to inspect your drapes and determine if it’s time for a replacement.

In addition, if you decorate for school graduations, mark the graduation time on your calendar so that you can find a convenient time to look over your drapes.

Creative Upgrades

So, when’s the best time of the year to replace your drapes? You now know more about when to replace them, but the seasons throughout the year can also impact your planning. For instance, you can put together a pipe and drape photo booth that mimics the colors of spring or summer. You can also aim the style more specifically toward a seasonal holiday or event.

This means that one of the best times of the year to replace drapes is upon the arrival of a new season. Does your drape selection require an upgrade to evolve with the seasons? If so, don’t wait until the last minute to stock up on stunning drapes.

Drape Checkups

Toward the end of the year, conduct another inspection of your drapes. Maybe the last event took a toll on the fabric, or poor storage has damaged the fabric over time. Either way, you want to be sure there is no visible damage to the drapes before you take them out of storage for the next event.

Taking care of your event drapes will help you prevent visible damage from occurring too quickly. For instance, at Pipe & Drape, we have party drapes for sale that are designed to be portable and easy to install so that you can use them for multiple outings. The more you take care of your drapes, the more you can use them to create visually captivating event venues.

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