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Top Tips for Creating a Photo Booth

The focus of any good event shouldn’t just be to create a wonderful evening—it should also be to create wonderful memories. The best way to cherish those memories is with photos, which is why photo booths are commonly found at weddings, birthdays, graduations, and other exciting celebrations. These top tips for creating a photo booth will help you set up a beautiful area worth making memories in.

Add Lavish Lighting

For guests to create great photos, they need a great light source. There should definitely be an on-camera light present, but you can also add extra lights to enhance the atmosphere. For instance, neon signs in the background give photos more visual depth. On the other hand, if you have access to a location in the venue that provides ample natural light for photos, consider setting up the booth nearby.

Natural light provides a unique warmth to photos, which can stir warm memories in guests who look back on them years later. Of course, you can also use professional studio lights, but be careful of where you set up the equipment. To minimize the chance of anyone knocking over light stands, securely place sandbags at each stands’ base.

Prioritize the Props

No photo booth is complete without a collection of fun props. Set up a large box full of random props for guests to use in their photos, providing everyone the chance to take unique, goofy pictures to remember the special occasion.

Don’t worry, you don’t need high-quality Hollywood props for the booth. All you need is some simple, cheap props to create a suitably silly atmosphere. Good go-to props for photo booths include wigs, hats, glasses, and masquerade masks, but feel free to add anything else you think would make a good addition. The more props in the box, the more likely guests are to take multiple, jovial photos holding different items.

Install a Beautiful Backdrop

Props and lighting are crucial, but one of the top tips for creating a photo booth is to choose an amazing backdrop. Even if your props are fun and the lighting is lovely, a bad backdrop makes a bad photo booth. If a backdrop is dull, it’s not exactly going to help visitors create stunning photos.

Luckily, you can easily find a brilliant array of backdrop drapes worth using for any event’s photo booth. Whether it’s a classy set of premier drapes or a glistening banjo fabric display, make sure your photo booth has a beautiful backdrop that enhances the pictures your guests take.

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