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Tips To Help You Determine Your Crossbar’s Width

Decorative drapes add elegance to event venues. When choosing drapes for your event, you must address the crossbar size. The crossbars help you drape the fabric precisely how you want so you don’t have to compromise your vision due to a lack of space for your materials. Remember these tips to help determine your crossbar’s width when decorating so you can bring the event design together brilliantly.

Gather Your Venue Measurements

First, how much space do you have to work with? Too little fabric will make the event feel less festive, but you probably—and understandably—don’t want to buy too much extra fabric or unnecessarily wide crossbars. Don’t worry. You can find the perfect balance when buying your materials.

Taking precise measurements of the venue space ahead of time means you can obtain as much material as you need to redecorate beautifully. Whether it’s a small or large venue, you must have enough drape fabric and large enough crossbars to accommodate it.

Assess Opportunities for Improvement

The technicalities are critical, but let’s not leave creativity out of your evaluation either. Beyond taking measurements, visiting the venue gives you a chance to see how you can begin transforming it. For instance, maybe one wall doesn’t need an entire fabric covering because certain colors or patterns mesh well with the fabric.

Likewise, maybe there is one wall that you want to cover completely to create a beautiful aesthetic. In that case, you’ll have to find enough fabric and the support rods to hold it. Decisions like these are unique to each event, so take the time you need to build the most creative and coherent setup for the evening.

Creating a Uniform Design

One of the best tips to help you determine your crossbar’s width is to consider uniformity. Ideally, you want a venue where you can set up pipe and drape displays in even arrangements instead of random patchwork across the space. That said, some venues aren’t as accommodating, as excellent as they may be in other ways.

So, how do you establish a middle ground? When working with oddly shaped venue spaces, don’t hesitate to break down your fabric display into smaller arrangements to keep it as uniform as possible. If two 10-foot crossbars are a tad too much, consider using three 5-foot poles instead.

You can also arrange your fabric more precisely with an adjustable crossbar. For example, our drape support available online includes a 3- to 5-foot adjustable bar that can measure anywhere between 36 and 60 inches. You don’t have to compromise on one or the other; either option is at your fingertips. Easy steps like these help you keep your decor cohesive, whether someone is admiring it from afar or close enough to touch it.

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