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Tips for Creating a DIY Wedding Arch

The best wedding arches stand out delightfully without being obnoxious. It’s an important balance to strike and easier to achieve than you might think. When applicable, taking a DIY approach to certain wedding design tasks is essential. One of the best projects to tackle yourself is the wedding arch. Below, we’ll discuss three key tips for creating a DIY wedding arch so your event can be successfully tied together.

Build the Arch Together

Building the arch is fairly straightforward—buy some reliable, attractive wood at a local shop and assemble it with screws. Grab the wood from a shop that will cut the wood to size for you. Although this is a DIY project, having the shop cut the wood properly ensures you can focus on designing a stylish structure. Once you have the supplies, team up with your significant other and build the arch together. With some help, the basic arch construction will only take an hour or two, so it’s both an efficient move and a great chance to spend time together. When you build it together, the arch is quite literally a labor of love.

Decorate With Stylish Fabric

Once you build your arch, breathe new life into it with brilliant fabrics. Draping white fabric over the arch or weaving it throughout creates a great visual contrast to the wood while also echoing the theme of the big day—your wedding. There are many different fabrics to choose from to bring your vision to life. For example, we supply pipe and drape wholesale, including sheer voile drapes. White sheer drapes are a popular go-to for weddings because of their light, ethereal nature. Allowing an attractive fabric to flow down from the arches adds an elegantly stunning touch.

Add a Natural Touch

One of the best tips for creating a DIY wedding arch is to add either real or artificial flowers to the mix. Although the wooden arch already provides a natural touch, there are extra steps worth taking. Greenery or even a batch of roses can make the arch visually pop. Place a collection of flowers and vines at the top of your arch, allowing it to partially hang from the top, flowing along with the drape fabric. Or, you could tie a few bunches of flowers along the arch legs, which is a subtle but attractive way to add beauty to it. Whatever your approach, an extra touch of nature will tie the whole arch together brilliantly.

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