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Tips for Choosing the Right Backdrop Crossbar Poles

There are some critical details to consider before investing in drape backdrops. Our list below will introduce you to several tips for choosing the right backdrop crossbar poles so that you can make the most out of your search. If you want to ensure your fabric display looks as vibrant and visually cohesive as possible, then you should always keep these details in mind when buying crossbars.

Memorize the Monikers

Are you familiar with the experience of trying to learn about a new topic, only to become caught up in confusing terminology that ultimately means the same thing? Without the proper prep, you can experience this when shopping for backdrop crossbar poles.

Don’t worry; crossbar poles aren’t an ancient puzzle that requires extremely high-level skills to decipher. Instead, we’ll just introduce you to a few terms so that you can shop for the titular décor with more clarity.

After all, when shopping for backdrop poles online, how do you differentiate a crossbar from a support rod? In reality, they’re the same thing. Backdrop crossbar poles also go by the names of support rods, horizontal rods, or sliders. Now, it’s time to get a bit more technical.

Consider the Measurements

The various support rod size options make it easier to fine-tune the backdrop design to meet your needs for your event. For instance, at Pipe & Drape, we carry a wide range of backdrop crossbar sizes to accommodate every occasion.

If all you need is a 3-5 foot adjustable width support rod, you can turn to us because we have those readily available. On the other hand, if you need a larger support rod, such as a 7-12 foot adjustable model, you should know that we have those, too. By planning your backdrop measurements precisely, you can ensure the fabric flows vertically and horizontally exactly how you want it to for your design.

Maintain a Stunning Display

Of course, the math that goes into buying the best crossbars is important. That said, the backdrop’s ultimately look is also key. If you want the drapes to cover every inch of a wall, ensure your crossbar poles can support the amount of fabric you need. However, if covering that wall means you need different-sized support rods, then you might end up with an inconsistent look between sections.

Remember, drape backdrops aren’t just solo decorations; they can influence the visual aesthetic of any area in which you set them up. So, simply put, you should analyze what you’re trying to cover up with the backdrop and consider additional tweaks that will bring everything together. For example, spreading the backdrops can help you work your surroundings into the final design.

Do the spaces between drape sections showcase a nice color that will pop and bring more visual depth to the display? Opportunities like these will help you breathe new life into the venue, even if the given wall doesn’t mix with your design ideas at first glance. Now that you have these helpful tips for choosing the right backdrop crossbar poles, you can beautifully bring your creativity to these situations.

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