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Tips and Tricks To Maximizing Small Event Spaces

When many people think of event spaces, they think of large areas they can turn into lavish, eye-popping places to have fun. For this reason, having to bring that same level of lavishness to a small-scale venue can feel a bit stressful. Luckily, the size of the venue doesn’t dictate how gorgeous it can look. These tips and tricks to maximizing small event spaces will help you make the most out of minimal space.

Do a Lot With a Little

Easier said than done, right? When sprucing up a small event space for an upcoming gathering, minimalism is your friend. This means sparsely using centerpieces throughout, which should be fairly small in size.

In other words, you might want to leave the oversized lawn games at home for small-scale venues. Luckily, strategically placing some brilliant artwork, fabric displays, flower vases, or candles can boost the beauty of your venue without taking up too much space. If possible, take an open floor plan approach to the event. In this case, the less-is-more approach fits just right. (As you’ll learn below, “less” won’t apply to the venue’s visual appeal.) 

Use the Color White

To many people, white might sound like a bland color to use for a party unless it’s a wedding. However, not only can white be lavishly weaved into your venue décor, but it can also make a space look much larger. In fact, a common trick for selling homes is using white paint indoors to make the property look more spacious than it is.

This principle works for party venues too. Just because an event space is small doesn’t mean it has to feel cramped at all times. White paint on the walls is best, but if you’re in a venue where you can’t control paint colors, white fabrics on the walls, ceiling, or table can help the venue feel spacious, warm, and welcoming.

Harness the Power of Translucence

One of the best tips and tricks to maximizing small event spaces is using glass to integrate translucence into the décor. Given the small event space, glass décor might sound hazardous, but if you have a safe and secure place to work this material into the venue, it’s worth a shot. By glass décor, though, we don’t just mean a snow globe you picked up at a nearby antique shop.

Glass flower vases and centerpieces can look elegant without visually cluttering up the venue. This trick might sound odd, but once you see it in action, you’ll understand why this sneaky tip is commonly used for decorating small venues. In many ways, it’s the best of both worlds; the glass décor is elegant without hiding parts of the venue and the illusion of extra space.

Aside from décor, you can integrate this translucent touch into your COVID-19 safety equipment too. For example, although there might be areas in the venue where it’s hard to remain six feet apart, you can easily find sneeze guards for sale to help you maximize COVID-19 safety precautions in such situations. Thankfully, sneeze guards are translucent, so they won’t hurt the event’s aesthetic.

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