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The Rule of Thirds: Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

Posted by Pipe and Drape on 5/4/2023 to Trade Shows
The Rule of Thirds: Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

Your trade show booth is yours to design as you desire. While you have certain creative freedoms, you can also choose to follow certain design rules that allow you to use your creativity to effectively advertise your brand and attract attendees. If you’re unsure how to make a visually engaging tradeshow booth, this guide can help. A visually engaging booth requires more than nice colors, though that is still very important. Let’s discuss how you can effectively brainstorm tradeshow booth design ideas using the Rule of Thirds.

Breaking Down the Rules

The term may be called the Rule of Thirds, but it actually involves visually separating your event space into nine segments. This is an invaluable idea to use during the brainstorming phase. Brainstorm by stepping back and imagining yourself in the event space. If you can physically visit the venue beforehand, that’s even better. During this brainstorming phase, use your imagination to draw two equally spaced vertical lines across your booth area. Then, draw two horizontal lines across the same space.

Don’t hesitate to take a picture of the space and physically draw the lines if that helps. If this is your first time using the Rule of Thirds, this idea may create a complex picture in your mind. That’s understandable. Think of this process as separating your booth layout into top, middle, and bottom sections that each have three equal spaces stretching from right to left.

Designing for Each Third

Creating this image in your head is important because it shows you how to draw your audience’s eye toward your booth. The Rule of Thirds heavily emphasizes harmony. Think about how each third pulls attendees’ attention to a focal point. In addition, consider the empty space in your booth layout and how that can draw attention to products or other items.

Remember that taking advantage of the Rule of Thirds for tradeshow booth design ideas not only affects the booth layout as a whole. You can use this design principle to decorate individual components, too.

Defining Your Vision

At Pipe & Drape, you can find a pipe and drape boothin a single-booth layout. This option divides the fabric very clearly using the rule of thirds. The bottom half of the single-booth layout contains stunning fabric, while the upper half narrows in to bring more focus to the center of the booth.

This is a perfect example of how easy it is to introduce beautifully balanced focal points into your trade show setup. Once you define the functional purpose of your tradeshow design elements, such as the drape fabric, you can focus on bringing ample visual appeal to the forefront.

Plus, our pipe and drape booth designs come in many variations, so you can really play with your booth space in a powerful way. Creativity is great, but effective trade show booths require using that creativity to let your brand shine in a venue full of other brands. Spark your imagination using the tips above and take full advantage of your tradeshow space.

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