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The Most Common Types of Trade Show Booths

Trade shows help businesses establish a presence in their field, but attending events like these requires a very specific approach. For instance, trade show booths come in various layouts, and that layout influences how you can interact with people during the event. If you need to put together a creative, effective plan for your next event, read our selection of the most common types of trade show booths.

Island Booth

As the name suggests, an island booth resides alone on the trade show floor, with no other booths bordering them, but that’s not a bad thing. The fewer obstructions you have to deal with on the event floor, the more easily you can catch the eyes of passersby and make yourself known.

If you have an island booth, take time before the event day to sit back and view the design from the visitors’ perspective. What about the booth is special? If you can’t find the key reasons why people would gravitate to your booth, brainstorm stunning yet simple ways to make your setup unique. From gorgeous drapery to eye-catching signs, there are many methods available. Which one is right for your brand?

In-Line Booth

In-line booths also go by the name linear booth, and it’s probably the layout you’re thinking of when you hear the phrase “trade show booth.” A linear booth resides in a row of other booths, meaning that you have other companies obscuring three sides of your setup.

Think of it like a hallway layout—the walls lined with booths, giving you a specific window to attract visitors. Although in-line booths are limited, it doesn’t mean enthusiastic employees, brilliant fabric textures, and more qualities can’t help you rise above the others in your row.

Peninsula Booth

Peninsula booths remain some of the most common types of trade show booths because they’re a happy medium between the island and linear options. A peninsula booth has three open sides to attract passersby and share their back sides with the booth with another company. In other words, you’re back-to-back with another booth, but you still have more space to work with than in a linear arrangement.

Booth décor and hardware are flexible enough to fit layouts of many shapes and sizes. For example, our pipe and drape boothsavailable online include trade show booths for in-line and back-to-back arrangements, plus more. Remember that you can always look at this guide anytime you need to familiarize yourself with the top booth options available for your next show.

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