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Social Distancing Stanchions

Help ensure proper social distancing with these pipe and drape stanchion kits

It takes some getting used to in this "new normal" to remember to practice social distancing. While we eagerly await the day when we can all crowd the restaurants, retail shops, and entertainment venues once again, for now maintaining a minimum of 6 feet of space is considered one of the best ways to help play a role in slowing the spread.

If your guests need a reminder or guidance on where they should or should not, stand, our social distancing stanchions are designed to help.

This pipe and base stanchion kit is super-easy to set up (it'll take you less than five minutes), and it’s completely portable, so you can move it to a new space whenever needed. We're sure you've seen the crowd control stanchions used at airports, retail shop checkout lanes, and banks -- think of this social distancing barrier kit as a pipe and drape crowd control stanchion.

Each social distancing stanchion kit includes two 3-foot-tall vertical Upright pipes, one horizontal Crossbar pipe (your choice of adjustable widths, from as narrow as three feet to as wide as 12 feet), two Base plates, a Crossbar Cover that is available in several colors to complement the room or your organization's color scheme, and a dye-sublimated sign sleeve to remind your guests to social distance.

As a manufacturer, we can customize most of our products. So, if you need a different height and/or width, please contact us, and we'll be happy to help you get the wholesale stanchions that you need!

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