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Modern Trends To Consider for Your Drapes in 2023

Event drapes can elevate the evening with their beauty, but how do you achieve a modern look, specifically? Upon inspecting the many uses of event drapes today, you’ll find a variety of creative designs. Moreover, these designs have very interesting throughlines worth exploring. Bring together your next event beautifully by reading these modern trends to consider for your drapes in 2023.

Create Flowing Beauty With Tie-Back Bands

Event drapes can flow in beautifully dynamic ways, and one way you can adjust that design is with tie-back bands. These bands wrap around the drape fabric, with one side narrowing it and the other side widening it like a fabric waterfall. Alternatively, you can adjust the band to create an equal flow on both ends—it all comes down to what makes your event pop. Don’t hesitate to pick up a tie-back band to experiment on your fabric to find the perfect balance before the big day.

Combine With Natural Elements

Another modern trend to consider for your drapes in 2023 is integration with natural elements. Even if your event is already outside, you can still use nature to elevate the decorations. For instance, adding decorative flowers or leaves to your event fabric brings a stunning touch of the outdoors to the evening. Plus, using natural pieces means you can adhere to more seasonal themes if you prefer that.

Even well-placed vines at your event can create a brilliant mix of natural elements and decorative fabric. Plus, drapes come in various options to closely match natural elements. At Pipe and Drape Online, we carry backdrop panels for sale in many materials and colors. That way, you can find a choice that meets your needs, including echoing the appearance of the great outdoors.

Experiment With Excellent Lighting

The lead-up to the big day may make you anxious, no matter the event, but it’s a great time for creative exploration. For instance, the sooner you get your drapes, the sooner you can start experimenting with lighting options. Today, inventively integrating lighting with drapes brings beautiful depth to the event space. Vibrant lights bouncing off the fabric are incredible alone, but you can push things further with layers.

Bunching the drape fabric in precise ways will let you divvy up light distribution across the fabric, creating a more dynamic look. This may sound overly technical, but once you start hanging the fabric and testing your event lights, you’ll see firsthand how both elements interact.

After all, the specific fabric, lights, and event layout ultimately play into how things will look. Now that you have this inspiration, what are you waiting for? Start planning your next event with a modern twist whenever the time calls for it.

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