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How To Determine How Much Drape Fabric You Need for an Event

The fantastic fabric of pipe-and-drape displays is perfect for improving any event, and some easy steps will help you find the right supplies. After all, events and event fabric vary, so it’s helpful to find the best match. For instance, beyond what it should look like, you may wonder how much fabric you need for your venue. Find out how to determine how much drape fabric you need for an event.

Assess Which Areas Require Pipe-and-Drape Fabric

A detailed game plan will help you achieve a gorgeous layout and ensure you can buy all the supplies you need. After all, random use of the materials prevents you from dialing in on which areas will benefit most from a drape display. Whether the venue is already stunning or only has a few unattractive components, well-placed pipe-and-drape displays can help your event’s theme shine through.

When assessing the space, you should consider the boundaries in which the guests will remain so that you can find the most cohesive layout possible. Once you know the event space boundaries, you can start making more precise measurements within them.

Remember Your Spatial Limitations

Pipe-and-drape displays can make a big impact with their striking textures and colors. Thus, this décor is perfect for both small and large gatherings alike. So before buying any drape fabric or other components for the big day, measure the areas that require drape fabric so that you can cover them perfectly.

This might sound straightforward, but being in the space and assessing it in this way gives you the opportunity to start picturing all the options around you. When you have the technical details ready, you can start honing in on the more fun and creative aspects, such as choosing the right fabric and color.

Explore the Available Sizes

Other details you need to determine how much drape fabric you need for an event are the available sizes and quantities. When you have a distinct vision for your layout ready to go, you can look at the pipe-and-drape options online to see what fits—literally. For example, our event draping includes Commando, Premier, Banjo, and more drapes.

To help accommodate many spaces, we offer these fabrics in various sizes, from 3-foot-tall designs to 20-foot-tall options. Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean you can only decorate up to 20 feet of vertical space in the venue. Having all the precise measurements helps because you can look at the display heights and widths during the purchasing phase. You can then determine how many you need to achieve your desired design.

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