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How To Decorate Pipe and Drape for Events

Anyone can decorate events with pipe and drape displays. However, decorating the pipe and drape system well is equally important. Luckily, learning how to elegantly decorate pipe and drape for events is easy. Read the tips below to discover simple details that can make or break your drape display.

Balance Colors Beautifully

One of the best ways to create a visually rich event venue is by balancing colors beautifully. Decorating your pipe and drape system with the venue’s color scheme in mind will help you put together a concise, creative vision. For example, if the venue walls are beige or black, a set of white drapes will pop beautifully.

On the other hand, if you set up a beige fabric in front of a beige wall, you risk blending them visually. That said, if you want the drapes to subtly blend in with the décor, that’s totally fine. However, using drape colors that contrast beautifully with the surrounding environment brings an extra elegance to the event.

Focus on Fullness

Fullness refers to bunching the drape fabric, but not in a messy way. Instead, fullness brings out a wavy, flowing elegance in drapes, forming fantastic visual depth. You can go with minimal fullness or total fullness—whichever option you feel enhances the venue brilliantly. Minimal fullness brings subtle depth, but the fuller the fabric, the more eye-catching and luxurious the pipe and drape display becomes.

Suffice it to say that bunching boosts aesthetics in a surprisingly significant way. Thankfully, finding adjustable support rods and poles is easy, as you can see from our library of drape support products. As a result, experimenting with drape positions and fullness to find the perfect spot in your venue is equally convenient.

Utilize Your Lighting

The lighting is a key detail to consider when determining how to elegantly decorate pipe and drape for events. Optimizing the lighting can help your drapes jump off the background, setting a bright, vibrant tone. For instance, if your drapes are thick, full, and opaque, facing lights at them can create noticeable bright and dark spots.

Such situations lead to a similar effect as theater curtains; smooth areas pop with vibrance while fabric hidden by elegant waves highlights distinctly dark areas. On the other hand, light passing through sheer, translucent drapes forms an ethereal effect in the right lighting. But, of course, all venues have unique lighting situations, so it comes down to finding the right fit for your venue and decorating accordingly.

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