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How To Calculate the Amount of Booths Your Event Will Need

Booths are convenient structures that look great and serve convenient functions at an event. Having too many or too few booths can hinder your layout, so we’ll help you prepare now. Read on to learn how to calculate the amount of booths your event will need.

Wait for RSVPs

Not all events require responses, but they certainly help with décor shopping. Time isn’t always on your side when it comes to event design, but consider waiting to buy your booths until after you’ve received attendance responses for your event. The guest list gives you an estimate of how many people you’ll serve during the event.

Suppose you’re hosting a small event with a photo booth. In that case, you might need only one booth. If your party is large, consider setting up multiple booths to spread out the fun. Instead of creating daunting lines, your booths will support your guest count. It will be easier to support your guests once you know how many are coming.

Measure Your Venue

When calculating the number of booths your event will need, you should know precisely how much space you have to work with. Draw up a blueprint of your venue so you can mark down all the décor and additions you need for the event. Then, you can dedicate spaces for your booths and determine how much equipment you need. Pipe and drape components are available in various sizes, so take the time to find the perfect design for your venue.

Remember the Purpose

Determining how many booths your event needs requires you to assess the function of the booths. While photo booths are common uses for pipe and drape booths, trade show booths are another option if you’re hosting a trade show. Businesses set up booths at the venue so they can show off their brand, and they often get one per day. Browse the stunning pipe and drape booth materials at Pipe & Drape Online to learn how many ways you can use this décor for your next event!

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